17 TV Couples That You Forgot Dated

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13. Felicity and Ray - Arrow

Felicity and Ray - Arrow
This was such a random dating choice that feels even funnier now that Ray is on his own show and Felicity is married to Oliver, the guy everyone knew she was going to end up with anyway. A weird obstacle that is the perfect way to confuse your shipping mind for a while.

14. Gina and Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina and Boyle - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Boyle may never want us to forget this but we are with Gina on this one, kill this relationship history with fire. This was really strange and it still doesn't make any sense to any of us, Gina included.

15. Bonnie and Jeremy - The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie and Jeremy - The Vampire Diaries
There was plenty of weirdness to discuss when it came to Bonnie dating her best friend's little brother, one that she literally watched grow up. They were sweet together though, or they probably were because it is really hard to remember what they were even like together.

16. Mickey and Martha - Doctor Who

Mickey and Martha - Doctor Who
This was an interesting pairing, mostly in the way that it felt like an odd choice to make. It isn't something we dwell on often but still, who else wants to discuss this?

17. Jackson and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy

Jackson and Lexie - Grey's Anatomy
This isn't the first relationship that Lexie was in that we forgot ever happened, which probably says a lot more than we expected to learn.

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