17 TV Medics That Get Our Heart Racing

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7. Ellie Bartowski - Chuck

Ellie Bartowski - Chuck
Ellie could get anyone's heart racing. With her cosmic wit, good looks and her just being a genuinely nice gal. She did always seem to find herself in peril, but good old Chuck would always save the day, even if she was almost killed a few times. Paging NBC for a Chuck Revival right about now.

8. Alexandra Pantierre - Heartbreaker

Alexandra Pantierre - Heartbreaker
NBC may have broken our hearts by delaying the show, but we've seen an early cut and can promise it will be worth the wait. Plus, it has Melissa Freaking George, who we've already witnessed working in a hospital over on Grey's Anatomy. Can it be midseason yet?

9. Will Collins - Emily Owens, M.D

Will Collins - Emily Owens, M.D
He may be keeping it real in the land of the daytime soap right about now, but before all that jazz, he played a smoldering doctor on CW's Emily Owens, M.D, which totally deserved more episodes, if only to look at Justin Hartley some more.

10. Cassandra Railly - 12 Monkeys

Cassandra Railly - 12 Monkeys
There's no denying that 12 Monkeys throughout it's freshman run, but it paved the way for Rebecca Schull to deliver her most engaging performace to date as the doctor who knew it all and I can't wait to see where we fine her in Season 2!

11. Cat Tyler - Proof

Cat Tyler - Proof
Jennifer Beals has been breaking hearts for decades and her turn as Dr. Carolyn "Cat" Tyler on Proof only proves (ha!) that she hasn't lost a single bit of her charisma over the years. What doesn't she understand, exactly?

12. Christa Lorenson - Code Black

Christa Lorenson - Code Black
CBS is jumping back into the land of the medical drama with Code Black, which debuts later this month. Bonnie Somerville portrays Christa and from what we've seen already, she plays her role very well and would easily get anyone's heart racing!

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