19 Insignificant Relationships We Barely Remember

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7. Kara and Adam - Supergirl

Kara and Adam - Supergirl
Adam showed up just long enough to give Kara a smooch and was never seen or heard from again. Are we sure we didn't imagine the whole thing? Was Blake Jenner ever really on Supergirl?

8. Dean and Lisa - Supernatural

Dean and Lisa - Supernatural
It was cute while it lasted, but that's the thing. Dean and Lisa were never going to last. On a show that's about to start on its 15th season, a relationship that went on for half a season 10 years ago just isn't relevant anymore.

9. Aria and Noel - Pretty Little Liars

Aria and Noel - Pretty Little Liars
This fling just feels like a bad dream. It's a shame because Aria and Noel were such an amazing couple in the book series, but we can't say the same for the show.

10. Oliver and McKenna - Arrow

Oliver and McKenna - Arrow
Oliver had a lot of love interests over the course of the show, but McKenna completely slipped our minds. It's a shame because she was actually a great character. How is McKenna doing now? The world will probably never know.

11. Callie and Wyatt - The Fosters

Callie and Wyatt - The Fosters
It may have seemed important during the first season, but Callie and Wyatt's relationship feels like it happened a lifetime ago. Out of all the love interests Callie's had, Wyatt is by far the least memorable.

12. Donna and Casey - That 70's Show

Donna and Casey - That 70's Show
Remember when Donna had a thing with Kelso's brother? Because we only kind of do. Talk about a blast from the past.

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