19 Engrossing Procedurals: Whodunit?

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7. Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods
Following the legal and justice pursuits of the Reagan family, Blue Bloods has been a solid performer for years.

8. Grimm

Nick was already fighting crime long before he knew he was a Grimm. Now he has an ecclectic crew of Wesen that assist him in his investigations in the creepy criminal world of Potland.

9. Bones

Despite tulmultuous personal lives, nothing keeps the team from solving some of the most difficult cases in and around Washington, DC.

10. Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds
Passionate profilers work feverishly to dig inside dangerous minds with the hope of stopping criminals before they strike again.

11. Person of Interest

Person of Interest
Complicated personal relationships abound as former a former CIA agent assists a billionaire stop future crimes with the use of his machine.

12. Major Crimes

Major Crimes
Picking up where The Closer left off, this well known team investigates major crimes in the Los Angeles area with compassion and humor.

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