20 Romantic Pairs that Brightened 2015

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7. Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst

Jimmy and Gretchen - You're the Worst
Jimmy and Gretchen on You're the Worst had a tumultuous time of it this season, to say these least (particularly the back half of the season). When Jimmy chose to stay with Gretchen in the penultimate episode and built that blanket fort around her, it was an absolutely beautiful moment and ended up being the thing Gretchen needed to catapult her towards recovery and getting help for her clinical depression.

Their relationship arc this season was virtually flawless, and the way they ended the season (understated I-love-you's exchanged) was pretty great (and perfectly fitting for these characters).

8. Patrick Jane and Lisbon - The Mentalist

Patrick Jane and Lisbon - The Mentalist
Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon from The Mentalist. When CBS announced that The Mentalist would get 13 final episodes to wrap up the series, the show’s writers stepped up and gave fans what they wanted: a real relationship between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon. Was it perfect? No. There was certainly more we wanted to see but watching their romance bloom was still so satisfying.

From his concerns about her job, to her worry about him bolting once again, they got through it all together. And then there was the wedding as Patrick and Teresa got married at his beautiful little cabin on the lake surrounded by friends and family. You could feel the job radiate off the screen. Having Teresa tell him she was having their child at the end was just the icing on the cake.

9. Liza and Josh - Younger

Liza and Josh - Younger
Josh and Liza on Younger. Despite the fact Liza was lying about who she was on an inherent level by pretending to be 26 when she was 40, it was impossible not to find something sweet and genuine in what the two shared that was beyond age. Josh discovered Liza's age (and that she had a whole other life) on the Season 1 finale, so it will be interesting to see how these two approach the strange new world in which they find themselves. Can love overcome age and a big white lie?

10. Toby and Happy - Scorpion

Toby and Happy - Scorpion
Toby and Happy from Scorpion. They both have issues they haven't dealt with that have kept them from getting together. Now that they both are ready to face them, things seem to be looking up. They finally shared a nice kiss, too!

11. Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time

Emma and Killian - Once Upon a Time
Emma and Killian of Once Upon a Time have always seemed to have a rough road on their way to happily ever after. Watching their love blossom, even in the face of Emma accepting her fate as the Dark One, has been so fascinating and gut wrenching all at the same time. They say that true love never dies, so in their case, let's hope it's true because we didn't see nearly enough happy times before Killian's heroic death.

12. Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation

Leslie and Ben - Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation. This perfectly matched pair showed that a long running series can highlight a couple in a loving long-term and stable marriage and still achieving their dreams. In fact, the series finale alluded to one of them being President. Who was it? It doesn't really matter, because they'll support each other lovingly no matter what.

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