19 TV Characters Who Are Terrible at their Jobs

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7. Dr. Lane - The Resident

Dr. Lane - The Resident
Purposefully giving your patients cancer so you can make money off of them doesn't earn you any "employee of the month" titles. Neither does purposefully killing a patient to implicate a fellow nurse who was onto you. Thankfully, Dr. Lane eventually got what she deserved though Dr. Bell remains a problem.

8. Annie - Good Girls

Annie - Good Girls
Annie quite literally robbed the grocery store where she was working. Twice. Enough said. She also kidnapped her boss and tied him up in a tree house, but he had that coming after attempting to force himself onto her.

9. Oliver Queen - Arrow

Oliver Queen - Arrow
Ditching your mayoral duties to fight crime as a masked vigilante on a regular basis isn't exactly the kind of behavior you'd want from a city official, even if his intentions are good and he's technically protecting the citizens.

10. Alice Cooper - Riverdale

Alice Cooper - Riverdale
Alice Cooper participates in the spreading of "fake news." A journalist, especially the editor of the Riverdale Register, is supposed to be unbiased, but Alice Cooper presents gossip and conspiracy as facts, uses the paper to carry out personal vendettas, and once attempted to destroy implicating evidence about her past.

11. Ilana - Broad City

Ilana - Broad City
The free-spirited, non-committal, "yaaaas queen" is beloved on all fronts, except when it comes to her position at Deals Deals Deals. Some people don't do well in an office setting. A few of the things that make her unfit: doing barely any work, the inability to take direction, sleeping on the job and inappropriate work attire. Getting your company involved in a PR nightmare on Twitter is also not a good idea.

12. Denise Hemphill - Scream Queens

Denise Hemphill - Scream Queens
Everyone on Scream Queens sucked at their jobs, but that was kind of the point. Denise was the private security guard tasked with protecting the Kapp Kappa Tau sisters, but all she ever told them was to "run like hell" when they saw the Red Devil or Green Meanie. Her co-worker got stabbed to death, she accused Zayday Williams of being the killer without any concrete evidence and got promoted to FBI agent without the proper qualifications.

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