19 TV Deaths That Made Us Jump For Joy

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Television bad girls and boys add spice to our television viewing experience, but sometimes enough is enough.

When their wickedness continues to go unpunished or even if it's a one-off act of betrayal or evil, it can drive viewers mad.

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An evil villain can become so hated that when they finally meet their demise, it's a cause for celebration.

Here are 19 characters whose deaths were well-deserved (and in some cases a long-time coming!)

We jumped for joy! Did you? 

1. Black Jack Randall - Outlander

Black Jack Randall - Outlander
There was so much suffering at the hands of this bastard. Whipping, beating, and eventually raping Jamie were his most egregious atrocities. Watching Jamie gut him with a sword was beyond satisfying but almost merciful considering all he'd done.

2. Anika - Empire

Anika - Empire
There was lots to hate about Anika even if she did provide some entertainment when she and Cookie went at it. Still, she slept with Hakeem and later had his baby which was gross. But the worst of her actions was when she killed Rhonda out of nothing but pure jealousy. It was a shock and put her on our most hated character list. When she died at the hands of ghost Rhonda, it was the sweetest moment ever!

3. Ian Garvey - The Blacklist

Ian Garvey - The Blacklist
This is the man responsible for Tom Keen's death. Even though we celebrated when Red shot him, we think he got off too easy. Ripping off his fingernails one by one would have been a nice start. And the worst thing about it all is that Liz decided to befriend Garvey's "daughter" Jennifer and betray Red instead of inflicting some sort of wrath on the people responsible for her husband's death. Wasn't that the whole reason she sent her daughter away and went on that soul searching trip? To avenge Tom's death? #DimwittedLiz to the max.

4. Theo Galavan - Gotham

Theo Galavan - Gotham
Theo Galavan had to be one of the worst characters ever in the history of Gotham. It was bad enough that he killed Gertrud but when he knifed Jerome it was a moment of utter shock and betrayal. The Maniax and all the fun they brought died in an instant so when Penguin inflicted his brutal wrath on Galavan with Jim's help, we couldn't help but jump for joy!

5. Nina Myers - 24

Nina Myers - 24
Nina was a likeable character, but when it was revealed she was a traitor, we couldn't wait for Jack to find out. After she killed Terri, it was inevitable that her end was near. She deserved to die, and when she did, we cheered!

6. Gus Fring - Breaking Bad

Gus Fring - Breaking Bad
He may have been suave as hell, but he was evil to the max. We were thrilled when he finally dropped dead after having half his face blown off, but what amazed us, even more, was that he actually had the wherewithal to straighten his tie before his life came to a horrifying and satisfying halt.

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