15 Characters Getting Coal for Christmas

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'Tis the season where everyone tries to convince Santa that they've been on their best behavior all year long. 

But Santa has a list, he's checked it twice, and he knows exactly which TV characters were naughty or nice. 

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For every character that deserves a nice Christmas gift is a character who's been so bad all they deserve is a lump of coal in their stockings. 

From murder to corruption to cheating on a spouse, here's a list of "naughty" characters who are not going to be happy with their gifts from Santa come Christmas morning.

1. Joe - You

Joe - You
A deranged serial killer who justifies each kill as "necessary" and "for the greater good" warrants the top spot on our list. And his murderous tendencies are just one of the reasons. Beck would have been a solid contender, but death by stupidity seemed like punishment enough.

2. Frank & Bonnie - How to Get Away with Murder

Frank & Bonnie - How to Get Away with Murder
Frank and Bonnie are two people who will go to any lengths to help Annalise. This season, Bonnie helped cover up the murder of her boyfriend Ronald Miller because she thought he betrayed her while Frank killed Dominic. Sure, it was to protect Laurel, but murder is murder.

3. Zelda - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Zelda - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Zelda was always the more rational sister, but she really messed up when she told the High Priest that his female child passed during birth and then proceeded to steal the child to raise it at Spellman Mortuary. Even open-minded Hilda was not down with the plan because stealing children is generally frowned upon. Of course, coal is nothing compared to the Dark Lord's wrath when he finds out.

4. Hiram - Riverdale

Hiram - Riverdale
You'll never see Hiram's name on a "good list." Ever. This year alone he's been manipulating and blackmailing a whole town, ordering the Sheriff to murder lying witnesses, and basking in the glory of destroying a high school student, who is also his daughter's boyfriend, in juvie. Double the lumps of coal if he turns out to be the Gargoyle King.

5. Alexis - Dynasty

Alexis - Dynasty
Not only is Alexis partially responsible for the fire that killed Cristal, but she's also openly mooching off of the family to pay back Hank, a man she hired to be her pretend-son so she could steal even more money from her own family. And when Hank left Claudia's baby at her doorstep, she pretended to know nothing about it and lured Sammy out so he would find it in the manger!

6. Grace - Manifest

Grace - Manifest
Grace doesn't appreciate the second chance that's been handed to her. She kicked her husband out of the house after he'd gone above and beyond to protect the family and specifically their son, Cal. Why would she accuse Ben of spewing conspiracy theories when there's still no logical explanation for his plane returning five-years later with all the passengers barely aging a day. Maybe just take his word for it?

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