21 Brilliant TV Minds Who Could be the Next Supreme Court Justice

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7. Diane Lockhart - The Good Fight

Diane Lockhart - The Good Fight
If there is one character the real world would consider qualified for the job, it's Diane Lockhart. Her legal skills are unparalleled. And now that she has to fight her way back from the brink of being ruined, she is as capable as ever in the courtroom and even hungrier for social justice.

8. Rick Sanchez - Rick and Morty

Rick Sanchez - Rick and Morty
Technology and the judiciary are not a match made in heaven. Technology moves too fast, and judicial officers don't understand it. So when it inevitably comes time for the courts to tackle the legal issues surrounding multidimensional travel, self-aware dogs, and the transformation of humans into pickles, Rick may be our only hope at sorting it all out.

9. Jamie Reagan - Blue Bloods

Jamie Reagan - Blue Bloods
According to the old saying, "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." Jamie Reagan proved he was an exception to the rule when he successfully earned acquittals for himself and Eddie of all charges after a car chase gone wrong. The combination of possessing an Ivy League law degree and years of experience as a cop on the street means Jamie has the ideal combination of book and street smarts.

10. Violet Crawley - Downton Abbey

Violet Crawley - Downton Abbey
The true successor to Justice Kennedy's seat should be the Dowager Countess herself, Violet Crawley. Yes, she takes pride in being elitist and the good old ways, but in times of crises, she doesn't hesitate to go against the norm. She can be the vital swing vote. Watching her relish the role of being the only Justice whose opinion matters would only be second to the delight of her hearing her oneliners during oral arguments.

11. Jack McCoy - Law & Order

Jack McCoy - Law & Order
For as long as we've known Jack McCoy, first as an ADA and then as the DA, he has represented the people. Making sure justice prevails isn't something he merely believes in, it's what he does.

12. Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation
What are Supreme Court cases? They're problems. Who can solve any problem? Leslie Knope.

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