21 Complicated Mother/Daughter Relationships from the Last 15 Years

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7. Stephanie and Alice Quinn (The Magicians)

Stephanie and Alice Quinn (The Magicians)
To say Stephanie and Alice's relationship is icy might be putting it a little too mildly. Stephanie admits that she never really understood Alice, Even going into The Magicians Season 4, the two butt heads more often than not. However, they seem to mend fences as they attempt to cast a mother/daughter spell, and Alice learns that her mother will protect her even if she doesn't always understand her.

8. Victoria and Charlotte Grayson (Revenge)

Victoria and Charlotte Grayson (Revenge)
Victoria and Charlotte's bond as a mother and daughter was rocky before Emily Thorne arrived in the Hamptons, but with Emily's arrival came some truths. Such as Victoria's true feelings about having a second child. The rift between Charlotte and Victoria grew more with the reveal that David Clarke is Charlotte's biological father. Victoria and Charlotte's relationship never recovered from the lies, and each interaction between the pair brought with it baggage and the sting of betrayal.

9. Mrs. S and Sarah Manning (Orphan Black)

Mrs. S and Sarah Manning (Orphan Black)
When we first met Sarah, she and Mrs. S were on the rocks. Mrs. S. was charged with looking after Sarah's daughter Kira, and when Sarah returned Mrs. S. wasn't sure she could be trusted with her. With time Mrs. S. came around and Sarah proved herself. The two eventually formed a partnership that worked; even if a good portion of it had to do with figuring out the freaky clone stuff.

10. Maya Lewis and Olivia Pope (Scandal)

Maya Lewis and Olivia Pope (Scandal)
Olivia has complicated relationships with both parents. Her dad is the head of B613, and her mother sold government secrets. Maya is lying and manipulative and not at all warm and cuddly, but in her final Scandal appearance, she seemed to genuinely regret the rift that had formed between her and her daughter.

11. Holly and June (The Handmaid's Tale)

Holly and June (The Handmaid's Tale)
On The Handmaid's Tale Season 2, we got a peek at June's past, and particularly her relationship with her mother, Holly. Holly had a very different opinion for what June should want out of life and the two did not always see eye-to-eye.

12. Helen and Ashley Magnus (Sanctuary)

Helen and Ashley Magnus (Sanctuary)
Helen's gift of longevity means that these two look more like sisters than they do mother and daughter. Helen and Ashley seem to have a pretty solid relationship working together protecting abnormals. However, Helen also knows that her line of work is dangerous and since she's been alive for 150-plus years she's made some enemies. That doesn't stop her from wanting to protect her daughter at every turn.

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