21 Most Memorable Twins on TV

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13. Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin - Ringer

Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin - Ringer
Bridget Kelly is a recovering drug addict and stripper who is under the protection of the FBI after seeing her employer and local crime boss commit murder. She agrees to testify against him, but fearing that he’ll kill her like he did other witnesses, she flees to New York to meet her estranged sister, Siobhan, a wealthy socialite. When Siobhan appears to commit suicide, Bridget assumes her identity only to find out that things aren’t always better on the other side. Both roles are played by Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Geller.

14. Kevin and Kate - This Is Us

Kevin and Kate - This Is Us
Yeah, they are technically triplets, but the Big Three are iconic. Kevin and Kate are the surviving two triplets who are co-dependent. On This Is Us Season One, Kevin relies heavily on Kate, his assistant. He can barely function without calling her every five minutes. Though they've grown a lot as characters since then, the trio is always there for each other when it matters the most.

15. Nimah and Raina - Quantico

Nimah and Raina - Quantico
You may have struggled to tell apart Raina and Nimah on Quantico, but that was the show’s goal. The sisters looked exactly alike as they were both portrayed by Yasmine Al Massri and even dressed the same during their training at Quantico. On Quantico Season One they even masqueraded as one person, switching positions and fooling their fellow NATS as part of an FBI experiment. When it’s revealed that they are two different people, the only way to tell them apart is by the hijab — Nimah, unlike her sister, doesn’t wear one.

16. Liam and Eleanor - The Royals

Liam and Eleanor - The Royals
The royal twins that cause the palace and Queen Helena plenty of headaches. Though Eleanor is the show’s wild party girl, Liam was also a playboy who would attend casual parties and abuse drugs. After their father’s death, however, Eleanor spirals and forms somewhat of an addiction while Liam steps up to become the next King of England. While Eleanor has a tough exterior, she’s vulnerable and has a hard time trusting anyone other than Liam, who is very loyal to his sister and protective over her.

17. Liv and Maddie - Liv and Maddie

Liv and Maddie - Liv and Maddie
Liv and Maddie share an unbreakable bond as identical twins, but they also lead significantly different lives. Maddie is a basketball star while Liv is a star on a hit TV show in Hollywood. When the two are forced to live together, Liv does what she’s good at — interjecting herself into Maddie’s life and stealing the spotlight.

18. Alex and Spencer - Pretty Little Liars

Alex and Spencer - Pretty Little Liars
Where do I even begin to start with these two? Though we only met Alex Drake in the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars, her character had a huge impact on the way the 'A' and 'A.D' storyline played out. After kidnapping Spencer, it's revealed that Alex Drake is Spencer’s identical twin sister — both are Mary Drake’s daughters — and the elusive A.D. Alex is definitely off her rockers as she’s responsible for Charlotte Drake’s death, Wren’s death, and the continuous torment of the liars, yet, she’s able to impersonate Spencer to a tee even fooling her closest friends.

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