23 Most Romantic Moments of 2018

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If there is one thing we know for sure about 2018, it’s that love was in the air. 

Or, at least it was for our favorite TV couples. 

Grand gestures, fireplace promises, wedding vows, and impassioned speeches. Whether our favorite ships sailed, reunited, saved each other or said goodbye, they all did it with marvelous romance, and we’ve been swooning since last January. 

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We’re not quite ready to let go of all the epic romance TV brought us this year, so grab a box of tissues and celebrate love with us as we remember The Best Romantic Moments of 2018.

Scroll through the list and see if your favorite moments made the cut, and let us know which relationships had you weak in the knees this year! 


1. Liam and Fallon from Dynasty: A Lying Love

Liam and Fallon from Dynasty: A Lying Love
Even though these two started out in a fake marriage, real feelings began to stir after spending so much time together. Secretly engaged to someone else, Fallon tries to break the facade by throwing a divorce party, but her plan backfires when Liam delivers a heartwarming speech about how he’s loved her all along. The confession leads to a passionate, yet unhinged kiss, between the two. This affair is anything but pure, but even we can’t resist a good “fake relationship turns into a real relationship” romance trope every now and then.

2. Ben And Midge on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: New Spectacular

Ben And Midge on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: New Spectacular
Although originally set up by their parents following Midge's divorce, Ben and Midge quickly realize they actually like each other. Intrigued by her off-kilter personality and strange sense of humor, it's not long before Ben is completely taken with Midge and proposes. There are plenty of quippy and cute moments between these characters, but our favorite has to be when Ben redefines the meaning of the word "spectacular" after meeting Midge.

3. Patrick and David on Schitts Creek: Surprise Serenade

Patrick and David on Schitts Creek: Surprise Serenade
Maybe it was the jarring switch from comedy to sentimentality you weren't expecting or David's subtle realization that what the two share is more than friendship. Either way, Patrick serenading David to Tina Turner's "Simply The Best" was a surprisingly romantic and earnest moment in an otherwise sardonic show. Even we had butterflies!

4. Amy and Jonah on Superstore: Garbage Can Confession

Amy and Jonah on Superstore: Garbage Can Confession
If anyone is the Jim and Pam of 2018, it’s Amy and Jonah from Superstore. After years of “will they or won’t they,” the last few episodes of season three dedicate themselves almost entirely to the much anticipated “romantic climax” between these coworkers. This moment isn’t one that ends with the characters riding off into the sunset together. But despite their obstacles and excuses, Amy consciously decides to finally follow her heart wherever it may take her. And that will always be romantic in our book.

5. Cheryl and Toni on Riverdale: A Mssion Of Love

Cheryl and Toni on Riverdale: A Mssion Of Love
After figuring out that Cheryl has been thrown into the Sisters of Quiet Mercy for gay conversion therapy, Toni rounds up the Riverdale gang to break her free. When she finally locates a traumatized Cheryl, the two share an epic embrace that leaves everyone at the SOQM dumbfounded. It’s a kiss viewers had been eager to witness, and the payoff was well worth the wait. The two girls have chemistry, but it's the beautiful cinematography that steals the show here.

6. Lucy and Wyatt on Timeless: You Saved Me At My Lowest

Lucy and Wyatt on Timeless: You Saved Me At My Lowest
Traveling through time is a sure fire way to bring two people together, and Lucy and Wyatt are no exception. After admitting they saved each other from their lowest moments, the two embrace in a long-awaited kiss. The chemistry flies off the page with these two, and you could cut the sexual tension with a knife, so we were more than ready to see this ship sail.

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