21 Reasons We Applaud Outlander Season 2

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7. The Fashions

The Fashions
The fashions in Paris were nothing like what we had gotten used to in the Scottish Highlands on Outlander Season 1, and when Louise said she would ensure Claire had a dress fit for a queen, she meant not only stunning, but risque. The times were as different as they were visually brilliant.

8. Only in Versailles

Only in Versailles
Part of the plan to keep funding from the Jacobites included getting an ear with King Louis XV. Jamie and Murtagh never believed that would lead to a session that included watching the man take a dump. Yes, that was their illustrious first meeting, one in which Jamie essentially saved the day with a lesson on eating your fiber. Um...only in Versailles?

9. Le Comte St. Germain

Le Comte St. Germain
Le Comte St. Germain was a jerk. He was the first person Jamie and Claire ran into when they landed in Paris, and Claire was the last person St. Germain saw when he took his last gasp. He appeared to be everywhere and be the ultimate evil. Well, he was a arse, and a pretty awful one, at that, but not the ultimate arse, after all. Probably more bark than bite even though his bite was darn hard. He was a fun evil rather than one who deserved to die by Claire's hand. And she knew that, which is why Master Raymond took the choice out of hers so she could free Jamie.

10. Sexy Surprise!!

Sexy Surprise!!
Speaking of "only in Versailles," Jamie took a trip under the covers to find out what glorious things Louise was teaching Claire about life in Versailles, and he discovered the dresses weren't the only risque thing in Paris. Humor, romance, tête–à–tête...what's not to love?

11. Black Jack Randall Returns!

Black Jack Randall Returns!
Yep, that's right. The blackhearted one was alive, and he had a brother on the scene, too. It really messed with Claire and the plans. She lost her head (not like someone else, mind), and began putting Frank's life before the plan, her baby and her present in Scotland. To say it got her in trouble would be an understatement.

12. The Promise

The Promise
Claire and Jamie fought a lot during Outlander Season 2, and one of their arguments lead to Claire making a promise to Jamie she would ultimately keep. When she asked him to wait one year to fight and kill Black Jack Randall, in return, Jamie asked that she promise that if anything ever happened to him that she would return through the stones to the only other man who could care for her and his child and well as him.

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