21 Shows with Unbelievable Off-Screen Drama In 2018

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7. Charmed (2018)

Charmed (2018)
Drama plagued the Charmed reboot from the beginning. Original cast members, Holly Marie Combs, Shannon Doherty, and Alyssa Milano were extremely displeased the reboot did not involve them. When the CW described the new show as “fierce,” “funny,” and “feminist,” as well as Combs, Doherty, and Milano, took offense to the wording and used social media to express their feelings. The ratings for the reboot have been far lower than the original, and they continue to decline each week.

8. Arrested Development

Arrested Development
During a cast interview with The New York Times, Jessica Walter publicly detailed the harassment she endured from costar Jeffrey Tambor. She revealed he was verbally abusive to her. Walter also shared that Tambor has never apologized for his actions. Jason Bateman tried to explain Tambor's behavior as him being "difficult" to work with, Bateman later apologized for his remarks. Walter admitted she was working on forgiving Tambor. The interview generated several unflattering headlines for the show.

9. Dynasty (2017)

Dynasty (2017)
Changing directions for Dynasty Season 2, resulted in a couple of cast shake-ups. Nathalie Kelley, who played Cristal Flores Carrington, was not asked back. Her character was killed. Then actress Ana-Brenda Contreras was brought on to play the “real” Cristal Flores, who also falls in love with Blake Carrington. The drama continued when actor James Mackay, who played Steven Carrington, revealed via social media that he was no longer on the show. Mackay made it clear that it was not his choice to leave.

10. Insatiable

Insatiable came under fire for fat-shaming the minute the trailer dropped. There was even a petition with over 200,000 signatures calling for the show's cancellation before the episodes dropped. Netflix executives and Insatiable cast members defend the show stating it was not fat shaming but instead shedding light on the damage that occurs due to fat shaming. Despite all the controversy, Netflix renewed the low-rated show for a second season resulting in public outrage on social media.

11. Bull

Michael Weatherly made inappropriate comments to Eliza Dushku while filming Bull. She confronted him on his remarks about her appearance, his reference to a threesome and the rape joke he made. Soon after Dushku spoke to Weatherly, she was written off the show. She entered mediation with CBS and was awarded a $9.5 million settlement. The network confirmed the agreement. Weatherly publicly apologized for his remarks claiming they were intended to be funny, but he could now see they were not.

12. Who Is America?

Who Is America?
Sasha Baron Cohen returned to TV where he plays four characters, who tricked people into doing interviews about the current state of America. Those involved were not happy when they found out they were duped, especially the politicians he fooled. Sarah Palin blasted Cohen because she thought the interview was for a historical documentary. Former Republican Rep. Joe Walsh called Cohen’s antics trickery, deception, and dishonesty when he learned the pro-Israel event was not real.

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