23 TV Hunks with Scrumptious Facial Hair

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There's just something about a man with facial hair. Maybe it adds a certain depth to him. Maybe it adds mysteriousness in the sexiest kind of way.

It could a full blown beard or a little bit of stubble, all we know is we find it irresistible.

Check out our list of TV Hunks with Scrumptious Facial Hair and let the drooling begin!

1. Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon

Martin Riggs - Lethal Weapon
This guy is doubly dangerous. Not only does he rock the mustache, he's got super sexy hair that makes him even more lovable. We wish he'd keep that smile on his face every day.

2. Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp

Doc Holliday - Wynonna Earp
We can never tear our eyes from the screen when Doc Holliday is on it. There's a certain something about him that just makes us tingle all over.

3. Joe "Bear" Graves - SIX

Joe "Bear" Graves - SIX
This guy is swoon worthy on so many levels. Give us a Navy SEAL with a sexy short beard any day. BTW, if you haven't seen SIX, you're missing a treat! Go watch it! Now!

4. Jack Pearson - This is Us

Jack Pearson - This is Us
This is the perfect man. He's a great husband and a great father. His goofy grin tucked inside a beautiful mass of facial hair makes us all warm and happy. Oh, and yeah being shirtless just adds to his sexiness.

5. Eli McCullough - The Son

Eli McCullough - The Son
South Texas is full of sexy men and this is one of them. Eli's cowboy hat accentuates that glorious peppered-gray beard of his. Ooh la la we say!

6. Mac "Quarry" Conway - Quarry

Mac "Quarry" Conway - Quarry
The 1970s produced many great things including giving us men with kissable mustaches.

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