23 Seemingly Unlikable Characters Who Won Our Hearts

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7. Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals

Klaus Mikaelson - The Originals
Klaus was the big bad of The Vampire Diaries. In fact, seasons of the show was devoted to finding a way to kill him. But Klaus was a lot deeper than he was originally portrayed and his comedic undertones and love for Caroline turned him into a desirable character. So much so, that he even got his own spinoff.

8. Dina Fox - Superstore

Dina Fox - Superstore
Did anyone else find Dina mean and annoying for the entire first season? Well, she kind of was. But as Superstore progressed, Dina became a hilarious addition to the show who always has her friends' backs.

9. Killian Jones - Once Upon a Time

Killian Jones - Once Upon a Time
Killian Jones or "Captain Hook" was a villain and antagonist when he first appeared on Once Upon a Time. However, his love for Emma and desire to atone for his past made him want to be a better man. He succeeded drastically and ended becoming more selfless than most of the "good guys" combined.

10. Steve Winchell - The OA

Steve Winchell - The OA
This show is complicated, to say the least, but Steve's redemption is a big part of it. He's always just been looking for someone to care about him and show him how to be a good person.

11. Tahani Al Jamil - The Good Place

Tahani Al Jamil - The Good Place
In the words of Eleanor Shellstrop "what a condescending bench!" Well, actually, she was kind of wrong. While Tahani is a bit entitled and extra, she's a genuinely good person and an amazing character. So much so that she even married Jason just so he wouldn't be struggling for money. She is 100% deserving of the Good Place.

12. Steve Harrington - Stranger Things

Steve Harrington - Stranger Things
Steve has had an amazing amount of character development throughout Stranger Things' two seasons. He somehow ended up becoming the "mom friend" to the kids and is always looking out for them.

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