23 Seemingly Unlikable Characters Who Won Our Hearts

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13. Helen Sharpe - New Amsterdam

Helen Sharpe - New Amsterdam
At first glance, Helen comes off as an arrogant character who only cares about fame and being noticed. But the more you get to know her, the more you see just how empathetic and caring she is.

14. Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead
Everyone who watches The Walking Dead can agree just how amazing Daryl is. But he wasn't always that way, and it took a while for the audience to appreciate the person he came to be.

15. Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf

Lydia Martin - Teen Wolf
Lydia Martin's development on Teen Wolf single-handedly blows all the other characters' journeys out of the water. She may have pretended to be dumb and ditzy, but she ended up being a literal genius and one of the most selfless characters on television.

16. Justin Foley - 13 Reasons Why

Justin Foley - 13 Reasons Why
It almost feels as if Season 1 Justin and Season 2 Justin are two different people. While nothing can ever excuse what happened in the first season, he's working hard to atone for his sins. Justin has become a much person who just wants to do the right thing.

17. Chase Stein - Marvel's Runaways

Chase Stein - Marvel's Runaways
When we met Chase, he was ditching Gert who was offering to help him study, and going to a party to let off some steam. However, he ended up saving Karolina from being raped at that outing and always puts his life on the line to help his friends.

18. Rafael Solano - Jane the Virgin

Rafael Solano - Jane the Virgin
Rafael's growth on Jane the Virgin has been incredible. No matter who you want Jane with, there's no question just how far he's come.

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