23 'Ships Of 2018 That Need To Crash

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7. Stella and Severide (Chicago Fire)

Stella and Severide (Chicago Fire)
They are one of the worst couples around. There is no chemistry. They are not believable at all as a couple. They are better as friends, there is no spark or romance between them. Break them up!

8. Sypha and Alucard or Trevor (Castlevania)

Sypha and Alucard or Trevor (Castlevania)
In spite of their constant bickering and exchange of jabs, these three slowly but surely became a cohesive monster-killing machine. Naturally, Sypha shared a few cute moments with both companions that hinted at something more brewing beneath the surface, but we'd rather it doesn't result in much. Their dynamic as a creature-slaying trio of misfits is the most enjoyable part of the whole show, and we wouldn't trade it for anything.

9. Stan and Angel (Pose)

Stan and Angel (Pose)
Angel is a fabulous transgender woman who has taught Stan a few important lessons during their time together, but their relationship started out as an affair, and that is not something we can get behind. Above everything else, Stan has done absolutely nothing to deserve a woman like her, and we hope her rejection of him in the first season finale sticks.

10. Fiona and Ford (Shameless)

Fiona and Ford (Shameless)
Every one of Fiona's previous boyfriends had a massive secret he kept from her, except for that dude she married rather impulsively whose name we can't remember. Relatively, Ford's case isn't that bad, but that doesn't make him any less of a liar. He's definitely the most hypocritical, and he's constantly dampening the enthusiasm Fiona has for her (sometimes ill-advised) investments.

11. Jason and Tahani (The Good Place)

Jason and Tahani (The Good Place)
Wishing Jason and Tahani go their separate ways is a bit selfish on our part because there is nothing particularly bad about them. The only reason we desire to see them break up is so Jason can get back together with Janet. They were by far the best couple back when they were in the fake good place. Also, how evil does one have to be to not want Janet to find some happiness? She literally started to glitch from all those repressed feelings, and we think a massive catharsis is long overdue.

12. Joe and Candace (YOU)

Joe and Candace (YOU)
When Joe has a crush on you, a timer somewhere starts counting down to the moment he'll finally do something terrible to you over a minor disagreement or, worse still, when you guys inevitably break up. So, it was a shocking turn when Candace turned up in the bookstore after everyone assumed Joe did her in a while back, but it also begs the question: Why?. She's either as crazy as he is to walk back into his life or she's just dumb as hell. Either way, this is not gonna end well for her. She should ask Beck how these things end. Oh, Wait!

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