23 Spy Shows to Satisfy Your Espionage Addiction

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7. The Americans

The Americans
You never know who your neighbors are! Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings may seem like your average American couple, but they are KGB agents living in suburban Washington, D.C. during the Reagan years. They must maintain normalcy while undertaking a variety of covert missions on behalf of their home country. This critically acclaimed show aired for six seasons on FX and can currently be seen on Netflix.

8. Berlin Station

Berlin Station
On this original EPIX series which is still currently airing, CIA agent Daniel Miller is sent to the agency's Berlin office on a covert mission to identify the source of a leak who has supplied information to a well-known whistleblower. He learns the ins and outs of what it takes to be a field agent and finds that every decision isn't always an easy one. Past seasons can be seen on Epix or Amazon Video.

9. Condor

This political conspiracy thriller is based on the 1975 flick Three Days of the Condor which was itself based on the 1974 novel, Six Days of the Condor by James Grady. It follows idealistic CIA employee Joe Turner who wants to reform the agency from the inside out until he accidentally discovers a plan that could kill millions. After everyone in his office is brutally murdered, he finds himself on the run and in a battle against forces he never dreamed possible. Condor currently airs on Audience Network and past episodes can be seen on Direct TV.

10. Counterpart

A sci-fi spy show? What could be better? Howard Silk works for the Office of Interchange in Berlin when he discovers the agency is in the middle of a Cold War with a parallel universe that they've been hiding. But when an assassin arrives from this other world and starts killing people off, Silk's spy world just got a bit more exciting -- and dangerous! Counterpart currently airs on Starz.

11. Deep State

Deep State
Max Easton is a former MI6 agent who's been gone from the business for 10 years when he gets a call from his former boss who desperately needs his help for a Middle East mission. It is one that becomes deeply personal and which he may ultimately regret. Deep State can be seen on Epix.

12. Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan is a new original series from Amazon featuring John Krasinski playing the CIA analyst who gets pulled from his desk job into the field after discovering some nefarious terrorist activities.

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