23 Things We Love About the 13th Doctor

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The 13th Doctor arrived with a bang.

We love her new outfit, her companions and her enthusiasm. 

Did we miss anything? Probably.

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1. Her Sense of Style!

Her Sense of Style!
When the 13th Doctor first appeared on our screens, it was in the 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi’s, destroyed clothing. After a quick shopping trip, though, she found her perfect outfit and made it a mix of classic Doctor Who and the new series. Her choice? A long grey trench coat, blue shirt with a rainbow stripe across the middle, blue trousers, yellow suspenders, and brown boots. Simple and practical yet classy.

She even has an ear cuff with two hands clasped together connected to a cluster of stars. Whittaker says the outfit was inspired by an old photo of a young woman wearing suspenders, trousers and a tee-shirt walking with purpose, and was open to interpretation. It was neither male nor female. Her jacket colors were chosen with the inside of dark blue meaning space, and the grey outside symbolizing the sky she fell through on the episode "The Doctor Falls" in her grand entrance.

2. Her Companions!

Her Companions!
Yaz, Ryan, and Graham are fresh, new companions and perfect for the 13th Doctor. It’s understandable that after the suicide of her best friend the Master she needs loyal friends by her side that are always willing to invite her round for tea. She learns from them, and they learn from her, making her more human and them more willing to accept the wonder of the universe. Yaz is strong, compassionate, and full of ambition to advance in the police force. Ryan is understanding, curious, and unique, and his background of difficult family makes him accepting of the new Doctor almost instantly. Graham, although he may be older, is never short of witty comebacks, intelligent and has some of the most heart ever seen in a companion. Together, they make one hell of a Team TARDIS.

3. Her New Console Room!

Her New Console Room!
Fresh, new and exciting, just like the Doctor, her console room emits a warm golden glow. It feels like home, with new arching structures that curve over the steampunk console. We don’t see the console room until her second episode, a first for Who, but the reveal pays off. A psychedelic floor lights up orange, with crystal-like structures keeping the time rotary safe from harm. With loads of buttons and switches to press, even if she doesn’t know precisely what they all do, it fits the new time lady. And of course, the round things are prominent on the walls with a white glow.

4. Her Love for the TARDIS!

Her Love for the TARDIS!
It’s been known before that the Doctor has a particular fondness for his time travel machine, often admiring it instead of his human companions. The 13th Doctor feels this as well when she first sees it on Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 2 "The Ghost Monument," she says ‘come to daddy! I mean, mummy!’ She even calls it her beautiful Ghost Monument. If you’re going to insult the TARDIS in front of the 13th Doctor, you’d be better off giving yourself up to the DALEKS. It’s always there for her in her times of need. In a way, it is her most loyal companion.

5. Her Inner History Nerd!

Her Inner History Nerd!
We’ve known the Doctor is enthusiastic about human history and always wanting to learn more, but with 13 this feels like another level. Her respect for Rosa Parks and awe about how humans advance through the centuries is like a child learning it all over again. One of the most powerful scenes from her is when on Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 3 "Rosa" when she’s forced to watch as Rosa gets kicked off the bus and arrested for not giving up her seat. She had to take the extra seats on the bus with her companions to fix time in place when it would have been changed, but it breaks her to be a part of the horrible day in history.

6. Her Secret Identity!

Her Secret Identity!
Banksy or not a Banksy? A famous street artist with several artworks around LA, the Doctor teases Graham on Doctor Who Season 11 Episode 3 "Rosa," that she could very well be Banksy. The Doctor essentially vandalizes a hotel room wall with a ‘special pen’ whose ink vanishes when needed, to write down information about Rosa Parks’ fated bus trip route. A white supremacist alien from Stormcage was trying to change history so that Rosa never refused to give up her seat, and thus, civil rights movements never took place. Graham calls the Doctor out on the vandalism, saying ‘she’s not Banksy!’ ‘Or am I?’ the Doctor teases. Regarding the sonic pen, she quips ‘Banksy doesn’t have one of those! Or have I?’

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