27 Characters Who Have a Secret and Can Keep It

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7. Ladies of Big Little Lies

Ladies of Big Little Lies
After accidentally killing Perry and covering it up, Jane, Celeste, Madeline, Bonnie, and Renata make a pact to never speak about what happened that night. When Perry's mother Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) blows into town and begins asking questions, they all do their best to cover up the truth.

8. Hope on Legacies

Hope on Legacies
Not only does Hope keep her tribrid powers a secret from the mortal world, but she also lies to Landon about his mother, and eventually, makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends by jumping into Malivore and erasing herself from everyone's collective conscience. That's a lot of responsibility for a teen!

9. Sabrina on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Sabrina walks the line between the mortal and the supernatural world as she lies to her best friends about being a witch and later, about being the Dark Lord's chosen one.

10. Jack on This Is Us

Jack on This Is Us
Plenty of Jack's secrets surfaced after his untimely death. The biggest one is that the family man convinced his wife and children that his brother died in the war. Years later after a trip to Vietnam, Kevin learns that Nicky is still alive and harboring a secret of his own.

11. Siblings on Roswell

Siblings on Roswell
Max, Michael, and Isobel have been concealing the fact that they're aliens from a different planet since their pods landed in Roswell, New Mexico years ago. Of course, by the end of the first season, most of their friends in town have learned about their secret thanks to Max's romance with Liz.

12. Supergirl & Her Squad

Supergirl & Her Squad
Supergirl hides her true identity behind thickly-framed glasses and a journalist job at CatCo Media. If the people of National City knew Supergirl's real identity, it would put her and her loved ones in danger. But alas, Lena, Kara's closest friend who has been kept in the dark the longest, finds out the truth by the end of season 4.

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