27 Of The Most Seductive Serial Killers On TV

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7. Sheila Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet)

Sheila Hammond (Santa Clarita Diet)
Don't let the endearing smile and seemingly perfect suburban life fool you because this woman is a vicious zombie who will carve you up and stick you in her freezer. Getting parts of your body cut off and blended into a smoothie isn't exactly on anyone's Christmas wishlist, but if she was to ask nicely, we're not sure we'd be able to resist offering ourselves up.

8. Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

Dexter Morgan (Dexter)
He is so hot even his sister fell for him. Yeah, that'd make for a weird ad slogan. However, we're here talking about the most eligible serial killers, so maybe we shouldn't throw stones in glass houses. The point is, he's hot and no one would mind getting a piece of that.

9. Angela Early (Those Who Kill)

Angela Early (Those Who Kill)
A nurse at an assisted living home who hid under the cover of her job to perpetrate her crimes. Sadly, she killed herself in police custody before we got to know her better, but she was quite memorable.

10. Andrew Cunanan (The Assassination Of Gianni Versace)

Andrew Cunanan (The Assassination Of Gianni Versace)
He may have taken the fashion genius that is Gianni Versace from us, but Cunanan is one cute guy, and the whole bespectacled hottie thing he had going totally works. The line between a spree killer and a serial killer is paper-thin, and he is one of the few who successfully blurs that line.

11. Connor Lovell (Midnight, Texas)

Connor Lovell (Midnight, Texas)
So sweet. So innocent. At least that's what you'd think when you first lay eyes on this gorgeous specimen. He also cares deeply for his sister, which was also cute until he tried to kill her. Still, there is no denying he is one good-looking dude.

12. The Countess (American Horror Story: Hotel)

The Countess (American Horror Story: Hotel)
She's like a thousand years old, and has a penchant for slicing open people's throats and lapping up the blood like it was from a chocolate fountain, but even those will not be strong enough deterrents when she invites us over.

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