27 Smooth Sailing TV 'Ships

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Why is it so hard to stay in love on television?

Will they/won't they couples dominate most shows and leave 'shippers pulling their hair out, and then conversely rejoicing, on a regular basis. 

The problem in a will they/won't they romance is usually that once a couple decides that they "will," the TV-Powers-That-Be do their best to create unnecessary drama, which forces fans' favorite couples to part, sometimes for an extended period of time and other times permanently.  (Looking at you Grey's Anatomy and Vampire Diaries.)

Yet somehow in a sea of breakups, cheating scandals, lies, and death there are stable relationships; ones that give viewers fuzzy feelings and hopeful hearts that maybe someday, we can all find our soul mates. 

Let's take a look at some of televisions most smooth sailing 'ships!

1. Eric and Tami, Friday Night Lights

Eric and Tami, Friday Night Lights
Coach and Mrs. Coach were the picture of a successful marriage on television, always growing and evolving together rather than allowing those evolutions to ruin them. We should all be so lucky to have a partner who will take a backseat and allow us to stand in the spotlight, as Eric and Tami took turns doing.

2. Mitchell and Cameron, Modern Family

Mitchell and Cameron, Modern Family
Mitch and Cam are complete opposites, but it doesn't matter one bit. They complement one another and find new ways to surprise each other. They each accept the other for who they are and make love touching and incredibly funny.

3. Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother
Marshall and Lily supported one another and both encouraged the other to pursue their dreams, a key element in a succcessful romance. They were quirky, sweet, and never failed to leave us saying, "Aw."

4. Adam and Kristina, Parenthood

Adam and Kristina, Parenthood
Adam and Kristina always knew how to make it work and put their family first. Through many ups and downs, their marriage remained unwavering and they never for a second made us doubt that they'd be together forever.

5. Penny and Leonard, The Big Bang Theory

Penny and Leonard, The Big Bang Theory
Things have really worked out for this nerd who found love with his neighbor. Though the two briefly separated, they have been sailing smoothly ever since, even recently getting married. Penny taught Leonard how to come out of his shell, and Leonard showed Penny that she has a big place in the world. This is an opposites-attract love story with excellent results.

6. Brad and Jane, Happy Endings

Brad and Jane, Happy Endings
Brad and Jane were crazy attracted to each other and were never embarssed to show it. They're perfectly comfortable to be themselves around each other and leave us laughing at their crazy endeavors in love. We wish every marriage on television was this fun!

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