27 TV Characters Who Would Host a Mean Dinner Party

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7. Jacob - Grace and Frankie

Jacob - Grace and Frankie
A man with the nickname the "Yam Man" can cook Thanksgiving dinner for me any day. We have a major soft spot for him as he even attempts to cozy up to Frankie using his cuisine.

On the Menu: Candied Yams.

8. Pops - Riverdale

Pops - Riverdale
A burger with fries and a side milkshake? No one makes 'em better than Pop Tate which is why a Thanksgiving reservation at his Chock'lit Shoppe would probably have to be made months in advance. That, or you can go to TGIT's.

On the Menu: Burger, fries, milkshake, turkey on rye - hold the tomatoes.

9. Maggie Amato - Younger

Maggie Amato - Younger
Maggie's lasagna makes people cry. Or so I'm told. It's apparently so good, even real Italians become emotional when taking a bite of the dish. For Americans, lasagna might not be a Thanksgiving staple, but then again, we never say no to the meaty, cheesy goodness.

On the Menu: Make 'Em Cry Lasagna.

10. Abuela - Jane the Virgin

Abuela - Jane the Virgin
Abuela is a staunch believer in family dinners so there's no doubt in my mind that she would throw a Thanksgiving feast with a little Latino flair. Just be prepared for Abuela to bestow her wisdom about life and love onto you during the meal.

On the Menu: Pernil, Thanksgiving tamales, and pumpkin flan.

11. David Rossi - Criminal Minds

David Rossi - Criminal Minds
Rossi believes cooking is an art form and tends to retort to the kitchen when tensions are high. That being said, he often cooks for his work family to help them eat off a bad work day.

On the Menu: Carbonara, his grandmother's specialty.

12. Hilda - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Hilda - Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
In a cannibalistic household, you have to admire Hilda for remaining a vegetarian. Unlike her sister, Zelda, Hilda is the nurturing, gentle soul who keeps things real. She's always in the kitchen preparing something like a vegetable pie for the Dark Lord.

On the Menu: Vegetable pie and Aunt Hilda's "Truth-Telling" cake. You've been warned.

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