31 Couples Who Accidentally Fell In Love

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19. Nick and Jess - New Girl

Nick and Jess - New Girl
Nick and Jess were best friends and roommates for the first two seasons of New Girl. But it soon became obvious that Nick had fallen for Jess, and despite their obvious differences, she couldn't help but fall for him right back.

20. Alec and Magnus - Shadowhunters

Alec and Magnus - Shadowhunters
The High Warlock of Brooklyn falling for the head of the Institue was sure to cause some commotion. Magnus and Alec both have very different responsibilities that threaten their relationship every day. But these two love each other too much to let anything come between them. It's obvious that there's nothing supernatural or not that could keep them apart.

21. Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead

Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead
After starting off on the wrong foot, no one expected these two to get together. When a strong friendship between them was formed, it seemed like that was as far as the show would take their relationship. But after seasons of partnership, Rick and Michonne finally took it to the next level.

22. Booth and Bones - Bones

Booth and Bones - Bones
It took seasons for Booth and Bones to finally get their act together and realize they were in love with each other. While they may not have seen it coming, we definitely did.

23. Haley and Andy - Modern Family

Haley and Andy - Modern Family
Their clashing personalities made it hard to believe that these two would fall for each other. But when it comes to Haley and Andy, it seems like opposites really do attract.

24. Jeff and Annie - Community

Jeff and Annie - Community
Jeff and Annie started off the show clashing on almost everything. But no matter how much they tried to deny it, there was no stopping Jeff and Annie's eventual romance.

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