33 Shows We Can't Believe Ever Existed

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7. Mr. Smith - 1983

 Mr. Smith - 1983
This is a doozy. A circus orangutan gets separated from his trainer and drinks a special mixture (which we would all love to have), raising his IQ to 256. Lucky guy gets a job advising the President. Of the United States. As you do.

8. My Mother the Car 1965-66

My Mother the Car 1965-66
Guy buys a used car after his deceased mother talks to him through the car's radio. Of course, nobody else can hear her, meaning he's probably emotional ill to a high degree. No matter. Let's all laugh!

9. Cop Rock - 1990

Cop Rock - 1990
Sure, Steven Bochco! We LOVE Hill Street Blues. If you add song and dance, there's no doubt it will ALSO be a screaming success! No, folks, this wasn't light fare, just a gritty cop drama with singing and dancing. Just like real life. Huh?

10. The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer - 1998

The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer - 1998
Gambling is bad for this black Englishman, who is chased out of his native country for racking up debts. After arriving in America, he gets a job as Abraham Lincoln's butler. An unaired pilot had controversial material about slavery that doomed the show.

11. The Ropers - 1979-80

The Ropers - 1979-80
Wasn't it universally accepted that the worst part about Three's Company was their nosy landlords, the Ropers? Well, hell. Let's give 'em their own show!

12. Hello, Larry - 1979

Hello, Larry - 1979
McLean Stevenson wanted to be killed off of M*A*S*H* to ensure he'd never return. That worked out well. He got Hello, Larry, about a radio talk show host. This Diff'rent Strokes spinoff later worked great for Frasier, not so much for Larry. The show was widely panned. Kim Richards, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality star, also starred!

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