33 of TV's Goriest Moments

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7. Panic Attack - Fringe

Panic Attack - Fringe
This is why air travel is more dangerous than you thought. All this guy did was inject himself with insulin which released a biological agent that killed everyone on board. Imagine how this guy felt as his face was coming apart. Gross.

8. The Stoning - The Leftovers

The Stoning - The Leftovers
There are many gruesome ways to die, but death by stoning has to be one of the worst. Watching Gladys meet her end in this way was hard to watch, but it was so shocking, we couldn't turn away.

9. Negan Kills Glenn - The Walking Dead

Negan Kills Glenn - The Walking Dead
Negan was the big bad in town, and he showed how evil he truly was by beating Glenn with a wire-wrapped bat he named Lucille. There are no words for how we felt as Glenn suffered at the hands of this monster.

10. Gus and the Box Cutter - Breaking Bad

Gus and the Box Cutter - Breaking Bad
Loyalty has no meaning when it comes to Gus. He sliced open his most loyal henchman with a box cutter, and it was a gruesome as you can imagine.

11. Cassidy Crashes - Preacher

Cassidy Crashes - Preacher
Right before Cassidy fell to earth in a bloody splatter, he massacred everyone on the plane just because he could. But vampires are resilient, and eating a massive cow helped put him back in top form.

12. Face Off - Spartacus

Face Off - Spartacus
There were many brutal moments on Spartacus, but Spartacus slicing of Sedullus' face is one we'll always remember. The poor guy didn't have a chance.

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