36 Reasons We're Indebted To The Small Screen

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7. The Incredible Talent of Sterling K. Brown

The Incredible Talent of Sterling K. Brown
I've been a fan of Brown's for a while. I've been writing about him since his time on Army Wives. But he really came alive on The People v OJ Simpson as Christopher Darden. Even Darden himself wasn't as interesting as what Brown did with the character. Sensational. Now he's been given the chance to steal the hearts of a wider audience on This Is Us as loving father and kooky brother Randall. Will this role earn him another Emmy nomination? — Carissa Pavlica

8. Supergirl's Move to The CW

Supergirl's Move to The CW
I'm thankful for Supergirl moving to the CW. A couple changes were made to the show, which solved some season one kinks. Some changes were nicely handled, whereas others, (I'm looking at you James/Kara) were sudden and jarring. Obviously, the big downside to this move is lack of Cat Grant on our TV every week. Overall, Supergirl has continued to improve and impress on its new home. — Allison Nichols

9. Everything Lethal Weapon

Everything Lethal Weapon
I'm thankful for Clayne Crawford's sexy mop of curls, Keesha Sharp's amazing smile, Damon Wayons' beautiful bald head, and the rest of the cast and crew of Lethal Weapon who make Wednesday nights so enjoyable. — Lisa Babick

10. OWN's Queen Sugar

OWN's Queen Sugar
I’m thankful for Queen Sugar on OWN. It’s one of the most beautiful family dramas I've ever watched. It follows three very different siblings as they try to save their late father’s sugar cane farm. The show explores family, race, politics, money and love from perspectives that we haven’t seen much of on TV. Is that because the core family is black, the writers and directors are all women, or that it’s filmed mostly in Louisiana? All of the above. Every character is complex, nuanced, and flawed, and I’ve fallen in love with them all. Once you start watching Queen Sugar, you won’t be able to stop. — Christine Orlando

11. For the Menacing, Charming and Terrifying Negan on The Walking Dead

For the Menacing, Charming and Terrifying Negan on The Walking Dead
I'm thankful that The Walking Dead finally has a truly scary and menacing villain. Negan manages to be both charming and terrifying at the same time. And he's not messing around, killing off two major characters on the premiere. He's engaging to watch, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is fantastic as the character. I'm definitely looking forward to more from him, and eventually, Rick and his crew finding a way to bring him down. — Sean McKenna

12. For What Gary Glasberg Shared with the World

For What Gary Glasberg Shared with the World
I'm thankful for Gary Glasberg, who passed away so suddenly in September. Though he probably was most well-known for showrunning NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, he was involved with The Mentalist, Bones, and Crossing Jordan as well. While not every fan agreed with him, his presence will definitely missed in the television world. — Katie Weidel

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