45 TV Shows With Stunning Cinematography

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7. Lost

Lost is a show that even if you haven't watched, you heard plenty about it. But it is still worth the watch, if only because following the story of survivors on a mysterious island means getting to explore the said island. It makes for a wonderful distraction outside of the plot-heavy scenes throughout each season.

8. Legion

Legion is intense because it follows an unreliable narrator, which actually serves a well thought out purpose of the way that his distorted view of events will play out on screen. Reality doesn't necessarily become what David sees it be, and Legion benefits from that by introducing 1960s design with modern-day elements mixed in along the way.

9. True Detective

True Detective
Anthologies find success in the way that they can craft a different world every time a new story gets to be told. The first season of True Detective offered stunning shots that were just simple and yet also very aesthetically pleasing.

10. American Gods

American Gods
There is just something about the way that a self-contained story can be told just as much from the way scenes are structured, and not only about the words that are spoken. American Gods accomplishes that and more, with a breathtaking approach that builds up as the story continues to grow.

11. Fargo

Once again, an anthology strikes while no one is paying attention. You might be inclined to pay attention to the plot above all else with Fargo, but before you know it you are left thinking about the masterpiece shots along the way.

12. Sense8

There are not enough words to describe Sense8, from the representation it offers to the mind-blowing way that the story covers multiple cities. It feels like you are truly traveling throughout the world, with the places where the characters are from offering as much of a valuable impact as they do.

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