57 TV Schools That Made the Grade

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7. Riverdale High -- Riverdale

Riverdale High -- Riverdale
It's not the pristine and cheerful blue and gold alma mater of the comic books but its dark side has been fascinating, if totally insane, to explore. I, for one, will never think about Ms. Grundy the same way ever again.

8. King's Dominion -- Deadly Class

King's Dominion -- Deadly Class
I'm still pretty foggy on how exactly this school recruits its student body. However, whatever way you get there, it's definitely not an establishment for slackers. Stay on your toes... or you'll probably lose them and a whole lot more.

9. Whitlock High School -- A.P. Bio

Whitlock High School -- A.P. Bio
Any school willing to hire a disenchanted and disgraced philosophy scholar to not-teach their best and brightest... well, that just might be any school these days. In any case, Mr. Griffin's assignments are definitely educating these grade-grinds on outside-the-box-thinking... Meanwhile, Principal Durbin? You just keep on keepin' on, sir.

10. Earth Space Fleet Training Academy -- Pandora

Earth Space Fleet Training Academy -- Pandora
It's not exactly Starfleet (even if some people think that was what the CW was going for) but it does have a hugely diverse student body -- humans, clones, aliens, oh my! -- and campus security is distractable enough that joy-riding to another planet for a few hours is an extra-curricular option.

11. North Jackson High School -- Vice Principals

North Jackson High School -- Vice Principals
If a house divided cannot stand, North Jackson High School really should've imploded in a nuclear-level event the moment co-vice-principals Lee Russell and Neal Gamby were forced to work together.

12. William McKinley High School -- Glee

William McKinley High School -- Glee
William McKinley gets a lot of TV schools named after him. The first on our list began with a fierce feud waged between the underdog New Directions show choir and the hard-edged cheerleader squad in Lima, Ohio. Over six seasons, we sang along with their challenges and successes as the characters grew and evolved into multi-faceted individuals of great diversity.

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