9 Mothers That Make Us Laugh

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7. Jill - Odd Mom Out

Jill - Odd Mom Out
Jill really is the odd mom out, but there's not another mom on the show I'd want for mine. She doesn't put on pretense and is utterly human as she tries to do the right thing while ultimately doing everything that leaves her out of all the NYC circles. She makes us laugh out loud while doing it. Who really enjoys fasting? Nobody.

8. Alison - Orphan Black

Alison - Orphan Black
Of all the Orphan Black clones, there are only two mothers. Suburban housewife has it the hardest trying to fit in with the whole clandestine operation hey-we're-clones thing, but she has moved mountains to do it. Whether it's watching her friend die in a sink, burying people under her garage or dealing drugs with her cottage soap industry and hubby Donnie, she's an absolute doll doing it alongside PTA meetings and community theater!

9. Jo - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

Jo - Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce
Jo moved to CA to start a new life for herself and her daughter, but you cannot take the NY out her. She's brash and sassy, very opinionated and her abrupt use of foul language has a startling but hilarious effect. She's a breath of fresh air against the classy CA ladies.

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