9 Relationships We Totally Wish We Could Be In

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Dysfunction runs rampant on television. After all, turmoil makes things interesting.

That makes the few nuggets of happy and strong relationships something to be admired.

Check out 9 relationship that we'd be lucky enough to be emulate.

1. Hodgins and Angela (Bones)

Hodgins and Angela (Bones)
Angela and Hodgins are a case of opposites attract. They met while working together at the Jeffersonian. She's a free-spirit artist, while he loves bugs, plants and rocks. Their differences only make their relationship stronger.

2. Lena and Stef (The Fosters)

Lena and Stef (The Fosters)
Lena and Stef's love for each is as pure as it gets. They have the biggest hearts on television. They love each other and their children. They've created a beautiful life together.

3. Peter and Elizabeth (White Collar)

Peter and Elizabeth (White Collar)
Mr. and Mrs. Suit have an unbreakable bond. Through danger and kidnappings, their love only gets stronger. They have a near perfect marriage.

4. Nora and Josh (Being Human)

Nora and Josh (Being Human)
Nora and Josh fell in love when she was human and he was a werewolf. When he accidentally scratched her, her new werewolf status only brought them closer together. Through Full Moons and every day life, they make it work.

5. Elizabeth and Phillip (The Americans)

Elizabeth and Phillip (The Americans)
Elizabeth and Phillip have an arranged marriage, but after all their years together they found love. A short separation made their devotion indestructible.

6. Glenn and Maggie (The Walking Dead)

Glenn and Maggie (The Walking Dead)
Glenn and Maggie's romance has been a respite from the dangerous world. She risked her life to be by his side when he was near death. Their love is powerful.

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