9 TV Lawyers We'd Hire If Our Lives Depended On It

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TV is filled with plenty of attorneys from criminal defense to corporate law, interns to named partners and the high powered elite to the opportunistic ambulance chasers, but, let's face it, not everyone is at the top of their game.

We took a look at the best lawyers currently on TV and tried to decide... if we were facing a prison term of 30 years to life, if a scandal threatened to derail everything we loved or if someone was out to destroy the business we'd worked so hard to create, who would we call? Which attorney would we pay our hard earned money in the hopes that they could save our skins?

Read on and find out the top 9 TV lawyers we'd choose if our lives were on the line...

1. Jessica Pearson - Suits

Jessica Pearson - Suits
Technically, Pearson, Spector, and Litt is a corporate law firm, but who wouldn't want Jessica on their team? Somehow this woman has managed to wrangle Harvey, Mike, and Louis, not to mention all of the other sharks in her firm, and make them work together, or at least get them to pull in the same direction. Jessica is a badass, and we can’t imagine we'd need anyone else if she were in our corner.

2. Diane Lockhart - The Good Wife

Diane Lockhart - The Good Wife
Yes, Alicia is incredibly competent, and Cary can be cut throat, but Diane is the perfect combination of everything we're looking for in a top-notch attorney. Brilliant, professional, and experienced enough to know when to play by the rules and when to bend them to her advantage. If our life was on the line, we'd trust Diane Lockhart to bring out the big guns to save us.

3. Olivia Pope - Scandal

Olivia Pope - Scandal
So, Olivia Pope doesn't specifically work as an attorney any longer, but now she wears the white hat and has close ties to the White House. If your legal woes include a scandal of epic proportions, you may need more than a good lawyer. You may need a Gladiator on your side! Then you'll need Olivia Pope.

4. Mitchell Pritchett - Modern Family

Mitchell Pritchett - Modern Family
OK, so maybe we wouldn’t actually call Mitchell if we were facing 30-to-life in the slammer, but if we were trying to save the lives of baby seals, Mitch would be our first phone call.

5. Erin Reagan - Blue Bloods

Erin Reagan - Blue Bloods
Erin is an Assistant District Attorney so, technically, she'd be looking to put us in jail, not keep us out of it, but Erin has considered switching sides in the past. Erin would make an incredibly smart, driven defense attorney and best of all, she'll know exactly how the opposite side works. We'd hire her in a New York minute.

6. Aiden Jennings - Days of Our Lives

Aiden Jennings - Days of Our Lives
Aiden's background and morals may have recently been called into question, but so far he's proven to be one of the best attorneys Salem has seen in a long time. From handling JJ’s legal messes to Clyde’s questionable investments, Aiden’s proven he's willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

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