ABC Season Finale Spoilers: How Will Grey's Anatomy, Scandal & Modern Family Conclude?

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7. The Middle

The Middle
Axl shocks the family when he graduates college and tells his family about his plans to go to Europe for the summer with Kenny. With the parents at odds over their slacker son's latest shock for them, they question whether they are to blame for the way he acts. Meanwhile, Sue will be frightened when she accidentally scrapes a car while parking and struggles to get in contact with the car owner.

8. Fresh Off the Boat

Fresh Off the Boat
Louis and Jessica will put a plan in motion to help make things better for their family, but they will be shocked by how quickly things spiral out of control. They will question whether their life has been better since moving, or if they should have stayed put.

9. black-ish

Things take a shocking on turn when Dre throws Bow a baby shower after wondering whether Bow wanted to have one. Bow stops by the OB/GYN with a headache and discovers she is having complications in her pregnancy. With the family rallying around her, will the season end with good news for her?

10. Modern Family

Modern Family
Manny's father re-appears and takes him on a night out to celebrate graduation, but Jay is forced to step in and pick up the pieces. The family then gets ready to bid adieu to Luke and Manny as they get ready to leave their homes. With the series in limbo due to contractual negotiations, looks for the season to conclude with not one, but two shocks.

11. The Goldbergs

The Goldbergs
Erica gets ready to graduate, but she then realizes just how much Beverly's love means to her and looks to delay graduation.How did Beverly feel about this sudden change of heart? Barry's plans for himself and Lainey quickly fall apart, prompting him to question whether they were doing the right thing. Dana will show up just as Adam and Jackie become a couple, causing some more drama.

12. Speechless

Maya gets a shock at the airport when she and the family get ready to go to JJ's camp. Ray decides that it's time to reinvent himself and comes to the conclusion that the summer will be the best time to do that. How will his family react to his plan to change things up for himself?

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