Arrow Meets The Flash: What Will Be the Crossover Fallout?

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7. Why Not Use Time Travel To Fix Everything?

Why Not Use Time Travel To Fix Everything?
While Barry's abilities has helped more than once, don't expect it to be the go-to solution much longer. "Legends will explain basically why time travel can't be used in a deus ex machina kind of way, not just with respect to death, but with respect to any plot contrivance,”"Guggenheim said. "It's like, 'Why can't we just go back to Episode X and do that episode differently?' We're going to answer that question very definitively. It'll be part of the rules of time travel that are a part of Legends."

8. The Return of Vandal Savage

The Return of Vandal Savage
Hopefully you watched until the very end of Arrow to see Malcolm take Savage's ashes. When will that the villain come back into the picture…and on which show? The producers didn't offer up much but Berlanti did say: "As of right now, we’ve almost always saved it for Legends. But we're not done with the seasons on [Flash and Arrow] yet so I don’t want to say we wouldn’t come up with some kind of way to reference it."

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