Arrow Photos from "City of Blood"

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7. Mirakuru Army Man Down

Mirakuru Army Man Down
Seems like Laurel and Arrow make a good team as they successfully fought off a Mirakuru army man in this photo from "City of Blood."

8. Arrow in Action

Arrow in Action
The Arrow fights a member of the Mirakuru army in "City of Blood."

9. Strangle Hold!

Strangle Hold!
The Arrow is being strangled by a member of the Mirakuru army! Oh noooos!

10. Arrow Throws a Punch

Arrow Throws a Punch
Arrow has a lot of anger to get out and he's letting loose on the Mirakuru Army in "City of Blood."

11. Feet to the Face!

Feet to the Face!
Arrow uses the feet to the face trick on a Mirakuru army member in "City of Blood."

12. Blood Rises!

Blood Rises!
Sebastian Blood wants the army to rise at his feet in this photo from "City of Blood."

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