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7. Worst Character Decision

Worst Character Decision
Oliver trusting Susan. There have been so many little things that have links to Russia that it makes it obvious Susan either has some sort of obsession with the place, or she’s trying to get a reaction out of Oliver because she knows he was in Russia when he was apparently on the island. The chick is probably going all Gail Weathers and penning a tell-all book to propel her to stardom.

8. Worst Relationship

Worst Relationship
Felicity and Malone had absolutely ZERO chemistry. It seems like Felicity realized that herself when she was crying in one scene in the midseason finale, before having dry eyes a split second later. You call it an editing fail; I call it her realizing he was not the guy for her. It seemed like the powers that be didn’t want to shove the relationship down our throats. That would piss a lot of fans off who are tired of the show focusing on the relationships. Let’s hope Malone’s death does not have Felicity running to Oliver to get back with him. The show has done a good job putting Olicity on the backburner.

9. Best Flashback

Best Flashback
Oliver’s initiation to Bratva was thrilling. After two seasons of pointless flashbacks, we’re finally getting ones that are helping us understand the character of Oliver and the decisions he makes much better. Also, with the flashbacks coming to an end after Arrow Season 5, it’s great they are probably going to be leaving us wanting more.

10. Grade

B+. I never in a million years thought I would be saying Arrow is returning to the Arrow I loved back in Season 3. Even with some of the recruits being meh, the overall arc of the season with Prometheus and the other villains has been intriguing. Having Olicity working together without any relationship drama has been a godsend. With the return of Laurel and Prometheus upping the ante, it’s clear things are only going to get better from here. Heck, even the flashbacks have been integral to the storyline!

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Oliver: Do you trust me?
Barry: Are you Oliver Queen?
Oliver: Yes.
Barry: Then I trust you with every cell in my body.
Oliver: Good. Now run Barry. Run.

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