Big Brother: 12 Reasons Big Brother 19 Flopped

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7. The Glorification of Jody

The Glorification of Jody
Cody and Jessica are being hailed as the best players all season and constantly compared to real BB greats, when quite frankly, it's undeserved. Ironically, the main difference between Paul and Cody's strategy is Cody was too arrogant, off-putting, and socially inept to successfully pull off the same method. Big Brother is just as much about social gameplay as it is about winning competitions and mental strategy.

Cody destroyed his social game by assembling an alliance but refusing to listen to them, treating the other contestants like crap, putting his own ally on the block when he didn't have to, and isolating himself from the others long before they started ostracizing him. Jessica wasn't much better. She was a "mean girl" with a poor social game.

The pair spent an extraordinary amount of time gunning for Paul, but they didn't actually do much to convince others to turn on him. It made Cody's battle back pointless, and Jessica's HOH a waste when she eliminated a non-threat instead of actually getting getting rid of Paul or one of his allies. In any other season Cody and Jessica's terrible gameplay would be obvious, but with so many blinded by their hatred for Paul, they are getting credit just for being contrary.

8. Terrible Cast of Awful Players

Terrible Cast of Awful Players
Casting has declined over the years, that much is true, but this season's cast is an abomination. What was the point of casting so many people who didn't come to play the game? Are they all just here to be on T.V.? Is it stunt casting? Not only is it the grating trope casting they're known for (quirky girl, annoying gay guy, mean girl, meathead, sole black woman), but this cast ranges from boring to despicable. They're so terrible, finding a single person to root for requires a compromise of morals and decency. The bar is that low. No one, I'm rooting for no one. Scrap the whole thing and donate the money to charity, I say.

9. Christmas Remaining in the Game

Christmas Remaining in the Game
There were high hopes for Christmas when she entered the house. She's a veteran, competitive body builder, and has a body that screams "comp beast." When she injured her foot, that all came crashing down. Except, for some reason, it didn't. Christmas' injury was serious enough to have her sent to the hospital for surgery and sporting a cast all season. Under any other circumstances, she would have been let go. She has to sit out of most of the competitions because of her injury and has only won HOHs because they were thrown to her. When you think about the fact that poor Cameron was sent home before he ever had a chance to play, it hardly seems fair.

10. Large Alliances and "Voting with the House"

Large Alliances and "Voting with the House"
The days of multiple alliances (with names) competing in the house against each other are long gone. So are the days when you didn't know how the votes would play out because, in the secrecy of the diary room, everyone had their own agenda. Voting with the house has happened for years, but an entire season of it? That's just unacceptable. How can anyone join a 14 person alliance when there are 17 people in the house? The numbers are dwindling, the end is in sight, and people are still voting with the house. Seriously, people; screw the house. It's half a million dollars at stake. Act like it!

11. Uneventful Comps

Uneventful Comps
Some of the comps are classics that were bound to pop up again, but the comps this season have been a reflection of the cast... terrible. Comps used to bring the heart, soul, and grit out of the contestants. Many of them tested mental or physical skills and agility. They brought out the competitive beast in even the weakest players. Not anymore, though. They are half ass put together and the equivalent of backyard games at a BBQ. There is no imagination or creativity. There are too many repeats, and they are often unfairly skewed. Add into the mix contestants giving up early on just to go back to lounging at the pool or contestants throwing them to each other, and it's just disappointing all around.

12. Megan Made the Biggest Move

Megan Made the Biggest Move
Not only did Megan have the potential to be a decent player, but she appeared to be a decent person, too. In that sense, she already beat most of the cast in spades. Unfortunately, she was also the first victim of this season's unusual brand of bullying, viciousness, and douchebaggery. Megan, a PTSD survivor, self-evicted for her own health. Based on how the game has unfolded since then, her self-eviction is easily the smartest move made all season. It's too bad we BB fans didn't check out when she did. It could have saved us a lot of time, energy, and aggravation.

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