Black Lightning Photos From "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak"

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Are good times heading their way to the Pierce family on Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4?

After weeks of internal conflicts and arguments, the family has started turning on each other due to the stress of being metahumans. The weight of their responsibilities has pulled them in different directions, more so than what has challenged them in the past.

From Anissa and Jefferson arguing about being superheroes to Jennifer afraid of her powers, a bit of positivity would do wonders to turn things around. But, will this change come for the family?

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Based on the preview photos below, the Pierces seem to be setting aside their issues to embrace what truly matters: family. Though, this happiness could be a ruse for the bigger issues that have yet to be resolved, like Anissa and Jefferson's debate.

Check out the photos below from "The Book of Consequences: Chapter Four: Translucent Freak," which airs Tuesday, October 30th on The CW.

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1. Mending The Tension?

Mending The Tension?
Jefferson and Anissa's earlier argument might be a thing of the past from the looks of this promo photo. They're hugging and being supportive of each other. However, that pleasantry could be short-lived.

2. Reckless Adventures

Reckless Adventures
The cause of their fights: Anissa wants to embrace her superhero side and become more of a prominent figure in the community instead of hiding away. Jefferson doesn't like the recent change in his daughter.

3. Jennifer's Therapy

Jennifer's Therapy
After weeks of stressing, Jenn is adjusting to her new therapy sessions with Perenna. She's embracing the change and it's having a positive effect on her powers.

4. Blissful Kiss

Blissful Kiss
There's a lot of flirtation going on between Lynn and Jefferson in this tender kiss. Their reconciliation might actually be a done deal from this point on.

5. Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love
Look at this friendship! Anissa and Jennifer have a sibling bond that can't be matched. Based on the photo, either one of the sisters is sharing a secret or supporting the other.

6. Not Having Any Of It

Not Having Any Of It
Scratch that! The sibling relationship isn't as perfect. Whatever Anissa might be saying, Jennifer is not having any of it. Something must have caused a disagreement between them.

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Black Lightning Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Deputy Chief Henderson: You forgot something, you translucent freak. You are not going to get away with this.
Tobias: Deputy Chief Henderson. “Translucent.” It’s a very interesting choice of words. It means you can see right through me. And if you can see right through me, then you know what I’m thinking.
[Henderson leaves the room frustratingly]
Deputy Chief Henderson: He orchestrated this whole thing. He killed his former lieutenant, he got rid of our DNA evidence, and he got himself arrested knowing that we would have to let him go. All while rehabilitating his reputation with one stroke.
Montez: Well, the judge would call that a theory. I need hard evidence of something ... murder, obstruction, conspiracy to commit obstruction. Without that, we’re going to have to let him walk. You have about 48 hours if that.
[She walks away from him]
Deputy Chief Henderson: As always, Ms. Montez, you’re a regular ray of sunshine.

Anissa: Aren’t we supposed to be helping people?
Jefferson: We are helping people! But unlike criminals, we have rules that we need to follow.
Anissa: Rules made by whom?
Jefferson: Rules made by me.
Anissa: Guess what, I have a different set of rules because I’m not going to watch my people get taken advantage of.
Jefferson: They are not your people, Anissa! And as long as you are under my roof, you will follow my rules!