Danielle Campbell Teases The Originals Season 3, Davina Claire

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No one has been through more trauma on The Originals than Davina Claire. She's lived in an attic hiding from her elders so they couldn't kill her in the Harvest ritual. Then she died. Then she came back. She met a cute guy who happened to be a dead-vampire-witch and brother of her sworn enemy. Then she lost him.

Then she ALMOST HAD HIM. And then Klaus ruined it.

And now she's the leader of all the covens in New Orleans. 

Danielle Campbell sat down with TV Fanatic to discuss what's coming for Davina on The Originals Season 3. Check out what she had to say now and prepare for The Originals Season 3 Episode 1 to air on October 8 at 9/8c.

1. Danielle Campbell Previews The Originals Season 3

What's in store for Davina Claire on The Originals Season 3? Danielle Campbell shares some scoop on the teen witch and leading the covens.

2. Danielle Campbell Discusses Davina's Magical Evolution

From Harvest Girl to Head Witch Davina Claire has proven herself. Danielle Campbell talks Davina's magical evolution in this exclusive chat!

3. Danielle Campbell Talks 'Normal' Davina Moments

What's the most fun part of playing The Originals Season 3's Davina Claire? Danielle Campbell gives us scoop on her character's best moments

4. Danielle Campbell on Bringing Davina to Life

After three seasons of playing Davina Claire, Danielle Campbell discusses her character's growth over the three seasons of The Originals.

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The Originals Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Freya: She's getting bigger by the second.
Elijah: Thank you for all of your care.
Freya: Tomorrow's the full moon. I can help her bring you to Haley if you like?

Always and forever indeed.