Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Lucas and Sami

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There's just something about Days of Our Lives' Lucas and Sami! 

This couple has had its shares of ups and downs, sometimes becoming bitter enemies instead of friends and lovers.

In recent years, Days of Our Lives has made them friends and co-parents, allowing EJ Dimera to steal Sami's heart. Yet Lucas and Sami's one-of-a-kind chemistry lights up the screen every time they're together.

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Check out our Days of Our LIves Classic Couple Spotlight slideshow featuring Lucas and Sami in all the various stages of their relationship! Then hit the comments with your favorite memories of this couple and your thoughts on what the future should hold for them.

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1. An Awkward First Meeting

An Awkward First Meeting
Sami first met Lucas when she went backstage at a concert...and found him making out with the star she was there to see! Luckily for her, she got a second chance when Lucas' mother, Kate, gave her an internship. Sami thought Lucas looked familiar, but he had no memory of meeting her and was too busy trying to keep up his phony good-boy image with his mom to worry about it.

2. Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime
Sami soon discovered that Lucas shared her love of scheming her way to whatever she wanted. And what Sami wanted was older sister Carrie's boyfriend, Austin! Lucas was interested in Carrie, so he and Sami worked together to break up Carrie and Austin, unaware that they weren't just two friends doing each other an illicit favor.

3. Lucas Comforts Sami After She is Raped

Lucas Comforts Sami After She is Raped
Sami eventually moved on past both Lucas and Austin, setting her sights on Lucas' friend Alan, who happened to be obsessed with Carrie. One night, Sami came over to make dinner for Alan and he pinned her down and raped her. Lucas quickly picked up on something being off about Sami and she told him about the rape. Lucas comforted her and later both confronted Alan and helped Sami get proof so that Alan could be convicted at trial.

4. Sami and Lucas Make Love For the First Time

Sami and Lucas Make Love For the First Time
Lucas continued to be protective of Sami after he learned about the rape, and when he heard some girls bullying her about it, he stepped in. One thing led to another and that night, Sami and Lucas made love for the very first time.

5. Who's Will's Father?

Who's Will's Father?
Soon after making love with Lucas, Sami discovered she was pregnant. She thought the baby was Austin's, but later found out it was not. Determined to hold onto Austin, Sami lied about the baby's paternity, but Lucas began to develop fatherly feelings for his "nephew" and Carrie spilled the beans at Sami and Austin's wedding. This led to a long period of strife between Sami and Lucas.

6. From Lovers to Enemies

From Lovers to Enemies
After Lucas found out that Will was his, he and Sami got entangled in a bitter custody battle. Sami even tried to make it look like Lucas was abusing Will so that he wouldn't get custody.

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