Days of Our Lives Classic Couple Spotlight: Steve and Kayla

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Steve and Kayla are one of Days of Our Lives' most iconic couples.

Steve was originally a thug hired to scare Kayla, but Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols' undeniable chemistry caused the writers to go in another direction, and a love story was born!

Over the years, Steve and Kayla have hit many rough patches, and now the couple appears to be on the outs again as Steve is in DC on some top-secret assignment that Kayla suspects is an excuse not to come home.

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Take a trip down memory lane with us! Check out our slideshow dedicated to Steve and Kayla's history and then share your favorite "Stayla" memory in the comments.

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1. Star-Crossed Lovers Meet

Star-Crossed Lovers Meet
Steve was originally a thug that Victor Kiriakis hired to scare Kayla -- and worse, he had a beef with Kayla's brother Bo, who used to be a friend but who had gouged Steve's eye out during a fight over a woman. Good girl Kayla tried as hard as she could to resist her attraction to Steve, but eventually she gave in. But then they had another problem: not only did her family not approve, but Steve couldn't see why a woman as wonderful as Kayla would want anything to do with him and pushed her away.

2. Steve and Kayla Help Frankie and Max Get Adopted

Steve and Kayla Help Frankie and Max Get Adopted
When two orphans came into the Bradys' lives, Steve and Kayla helped Caroline and Shawn adopt them. Frankie and Max later became a beloved part of the Brady family.

3. Steve and Kayla Make Love For the First Time

Steve and Kayla Make Love For the First Time
Steve and Kayla took a while to get to the point that they were ready to make love. First, they went on the run twice -- first because of Britta Englund, and then because Steve was falsely accused of shooting Harper Deveraux. After things settled down and Steve was no longer a wanted man, he and Kayla made love for the first time.

4. Steve Fears He Is Like His Father

Steve Fears He Is Like His Father
Steve's low self-esteem came from his traumatic childhood. His father, Duke, was a violent drunk and his mother had put Steve and his baby brother Billy (aka Jack Deveraux) up for adoption to protect them. Naturally, Steve's family turned up in Salem, and his sister Adrienne ended up killing Duke, who had raped her. Steve pushed Kayla away after this, claiming that Adrienne would have suffered less if Kayla had let Steve kill Duke. But the real reason he distanced himself from Kayla was that his mother said Duke wasn't always so bad and that Steve reminded her of him, and Steve feared hurting Kayla someday.

5. Steve/Kayla/Jack Triangle

Steve/Kayla/Jack Triangle
Kayla's heart belonged to Steve, but his brother Jack was supposedly dying of cancer and was into Kayla, so Steve backed off. However, Kayla never consummated the marriage with Jack, and eventually, she and Steve had an affair. When Jack found out, he raped his wife --and when Steve walked in on what Jack was doing to Kayla, he nearly killed his brother.

6. Kayla's Stress-Related Deafness

Kayla's Stress-Related Deafness
Kayla lost her hearing after Harper Deveraux attacked her, and an operation to restore it failed, instead rendering her mute. However, Kayla's condition was said to be a stress reaction. Jack finally divorced Kayla, realizing he was contributing to her inability to speak and hear, and Steve learned sign language so that he could tell her how much he loved her.

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