Days of Our Lives Spoiler Photos: HUGE Changes Ahead!

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Jack and Jennifer fans rejoiced when Days of Our Lives finally resurrected Jack on New Years Eve 2018.

Ever since his return, though, an amnesiac Jack has spiraled further and further into bad behavior thanks in part to Eve's manipulations.

But the spoiler video for Days of Our Lives during the week of 7-15-19 suggests that Jack is FINALLY ready to entertain the possibility of getting his memories back. Could romance be in the air again for him and Jennifer?

According to the video, Jack first again dismisses Jennifer's attempt to get through to him as her being a "pest", then later tells her he does want his memories back. Viewers are treated to a flashback scene of Jack and Jennifer kissing before Jack tells Eve that he wants his memories back.

Knowing Eve, though, this story is far from over -- how will she respond?

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The official spoiler photos from NBC also suggest that change is in the air for a few other of our favorite Days of Our Lives characters.

Eric contemplates a change, Xander stands up to Kristen, and Hope and Ted kiss.

Check out all the Days of Our Lives spoiiler pics in the slideshow below and then tell us what you're most looking forward to!

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Days of Our Lives continues to air on NBC on weekday afternoons. Check your local listings for airtimes.

1. Lani arrests Xander

Lani arrests Xander
Lani arrests Xander for his part in Ted and Kate's being kidnapped and held in the Dimera tunnels! How will the once notorious criminal get out of this, and will he lose Sarah for good because of his arrest?

2. Stefan is blindsided.

Stefan is blindsided.
Spoilers state that Stefan is blindsided, probably by Ted and Kate's accusation that he was behind the kidnapping . Will Stefan be able to convince Abe that he is innocent -- or to keep working for him?

3. Eric contemplates leaving town.

Eric contemplates  leaving town.
Eric turns to Abe for advice about a potential big change. With Sarah married to Rex and "Nicole" refusing Eric's advances, he needs to do something, but is leaving Salem the answer?

4. Xander gets revenge on Kristen.

Xander gets revenge on Kristen.
After his arrest, Xander has had enough! He stands up to Kristen and steals her Nicole mask, forcing Kristen to alter her plans. Has Xander just put himself in danger?

5. Gabi and "Nicole" get into it again.

Gabi and "Nicole" get into it again.
After what spoilers describe as a bizarre encounter with her supposed ex-coworker, will Gabi begin to put the pieces together and literally unmask Kristen?

6. Jen makes another impassioned plea to Jack.

Jen makes another impassioned plea to Jack.
Jennifer's tried several times to get Jack to realize he used to be a different man and motivate him to recover his memory. What does she say this time that actually gets through to him?

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