Designated Survivor: Who's the Traitor?

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If you've seen the previews for Designated Survivor Season 1 Episode 18, you know that whoever has been leaking information to Abe Leonard is about to be exposed.

Who could possibly be leaking the information? And why?

We've compiled a list of suspects and ranked them according to where we think they fall on the Traitor Tracker.

Check it out and let us know if you agree or disagree. Did we miss someone?

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1. The Suspects

The Suspects
They all look so innocent, don't they? But one of them is leaking information to the press. Who is it? Keep reading!

2. Aaron - Traitor Tracker: Low

Aaron - Traitor Tracker: Low
Aaron isn't working in the White House anymore, so his access to intel is limited to nil. Yet, the information Leonard got from the unknown source was information Aaron would have already known.

But Aaron called Forstell to tell him about Leonard's run-in with Hookstraten. Why would he have done that if he was leaking information? The only answer would be to give himself an alibi, but that seems a bit of a stretch.

Aaron might have been a top suspect when Designated Survivor first began, but right now we think he's innocent.

3. Forstell - Traitor Tracker: Medium

Forstell - Traitor Tracker: Medium
We don't know a lot about Forstell, but we do know he's privy to all the information that's being leaked. We're not sure what his motive would be other than he wants to get the truth out there to the people.

After he learned about Leonard from Aaron, he went immediately to Mike, but that doesn't mean he's not the one leaking the information. It's the unknown factor that puts him higher up on the suspect list.

4. Jason - Traitor Tracker: High

Jason - Traitor Tracker: High
We don't want to believe that Jason is the one leaking information, but he's high on our list. He was forced to admit to a murder he didn't commit and no one came to his aid. His son was killed by the people behind the Capitol bombing.

He's has good reasons to go to the press, but he has to do it under the radar. Because while he wants the Kirkman White House to be exposed, he also wants to exact his revenge on the very people who destroyed his life.

5. Hannah - Traitor Tracker: Low

Hannah - Traitor Tracker: Low
There's absolutely no way Hannah is leaking information to the press. We can't even imagine what her motive would be to do so. Sure she lost someone in the Capitol bombing, but that wouldn't turn her against the Kirkman White House. If anything, she has proven her loyalty to Kirkman and her dedication to finding out the truth behind the bombing.

6. Mike - Traitor Tracker: Medium

Mike - Traitor Tracker: Medium
Mike may seem like he's very loyal to Kirkman, but who knows what lies under his kind demeanor. He's privy to all the information that's been leaked so far, the only thing missing is motive.

Maybe he's angry that Kirkman is dragging his feet with the investigation, more concerned about his 100-day agenda than finding out who bombed the Capitol. Maybe he just doesn't like Kirkman. After all, he lost a lot of friends the day of the bombing. Or maybe he doesn't have a hidden agenda at all and is innocent.

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