Doctor Who: 19 Times Bad Wolf Connected the Doctor and Rose Tyler

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Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Certainly not Rose Tyler, the first companion to when Doctor Who revived in 2005.

Doctor Who likes to play games with fans and hide nugget references in episodes that will eventually come into play in a series finale with a bang.

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Bad Wolf was a reoccurring phrase for not one but four seasons!

Did you spot all these times it connected the Doctor and Rose across time and space?

Check out our thoughts below and share yours in the comments.

1. Bad Wolf Scenario: "The End of the World"

Bad Wolf Scenario: "The End of the World"
Possibly the first reference to Bad Wolf is on Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 2, "The End of The World." The Moxx Of Balhoon is seen telling the Face of Boe that it's the Bad Wolf Scenario. This is just before the space station used to view the Earth's destruction from the sun expansion is infiltrated by Cassandra.

2. "The Unquiet Dead": Ghosts of the Rift

"The Unquiet Dead": Ghosts of the Rift
Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 3 is set in 18th Century Cardiff. Ghosts called the Gelth have opened the mind of Gwenyth, a servant girl, to the rift. The rift is a weak point in time and space that is able to charge a TARDIS for space/time travel. When Gwenyth looks into Roses' mind with her psychic powers, she sees "the darkness...the Big Bad Wolf."

3. "Aliens of London"/"World War Three"

"Aliens of London"/"World War Three"
On Doctor Who Season 1 Episodes 4/5, the Doctor is grounded on Earth while the Slitheen try to take over the British Government. A kid paints the words BAD WOLF on his TARDIS. Once the crisis has cleared, the Doctor makes the kid remove the paint. But he doesn't realize what the phrase means.

4. "DALEK": Bad Wolf One

"DALEK": Bad Wolf One
On Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 6, the billionaire Harry Van Statten lands his hovercraft. The announcement of his arrival to the underground alien treasure trove states that "Bad Wolf One is descending."

5. "The Long Game": Bad Wolf TV Station

"The Long Game": Bad Wolf TV Station
On Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 7, a TV station broadcasting from Satellite Five to the fifth great and bountiful human empire includes a channel called Bad Wolf TV. A glimpse of the program reveals that the Face of Boe is pregnant. The Face of Boe is later known to fans as Captain Jack Harkness, who also traveled with Rose and the Doctor.

6. "Father's Day": Back in Time

"Father's Day": Back in Time
On Doctor Who Season 1 Episode 8, The Doctor and Rose visit the past to see her father Pete Tyler, who died in 1987. Rose cheats the system and tries to save her father from the impending car crash, creating a paradox as a result. When the Doctor and Rose go back and watch themselves, a poster on the wall can be seen that's scribbled over with 'Bad Wolf.'

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