17 TV Characters Who Matured For the Better

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7. Petra Solano - Jane the Virgin

Petra Solano - Jane the Virgin
Petra's conniving personality leaves her unlikable for the first few seasons. Once she goes through her fair share of the after effects of her actions she comes out a more congenial and certainly likable person. She's someone who truly understands karma as she's almost killed by her mother and sister after she tries every manipulative technique to keep Rafael around.

8. Jess Day - New Girl

Jess Day - New Girl
Jess will always be the quirky and cute girl who hardly ever fails to put a smile on our face. But by the end of the show, she's definitely more than just that a comedic character used to humor us. She goes through the tragedies of heartbreak, finding a new career path after being fired, and everyday life in order to understand what she deserves in life and love.

9. Callie Foster - The Fosters

Callie Foster - The Fosters
When Callie first meets the Fosters she had never known a stable home life or familial love. Once she lets herself fully trust them and lets go of her past trauma she grows into a young woman who uses her hard past to advocate for kids in foster care, in hopes of changing the system.

10. Kevin Pearson - This Is Us

Kevin Pearson - This Is Us
Kevin has always relied on his beauty to make his way through life and has never truly held himself accountable for any of his actions. As the story of his father unfolds and he faces the people he's hurt in the past he starts growing into a compassionate human who realizes that people rely on him for more than just his looks. He's still in the works of growing into who he's supposed to be, but he's well on his way.

11. Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds

Spencer Reid - Criminal Minds
Spencer is first introduced as the boy genius who blows everyone out of the water. He hadn't experienced love, true friendship, and had never felt like he fit in anywhere. Once he joined the BAU team and met likeminded people he found a family and learned that there was much more to life than being a genius.

12. Alex Danvers - Supergirl

Alex Danvers - Supergirl
Alex's road to personal discovery is sweet and leads into her growing storyline within the show. She finally comes to terms with her sexuality and learns to accept herself. She's no longer a background character hiding behind her sister's fame, but instead a strong and important director of the DEO.

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