21 Amazing Adventure Seekers

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13. Claire Fraser - Outlander

Claire Fraser - Outlander
Claire is the ultimate adventurer. A war nurse who wandered into the stones and went back in time to meet one of the loves of her life. She doesn't let Jamie do anything alone and she's ready to get back to her old life now that her adventure in the past is over.

14. Theodore Deacon - 12 Monkeys

Theodore Deacon - 12 Monkeys
Every day is an adventure in Theodore's life. Learning how to survive in a world that is falling apart is an adventure in itself. He's done what's necessary to survive no matter the cost and has taught others the basic skills of survival.

15. Hector Escaton - Westworld

Hector Escaton - Westworld
As a "Most Wanted" bandit, Hector lives a life of adventure. He loves a good fight and doesn't back down no matter what is thrown his way. He also finds humor in any situation he's in, which makes his adventures all the more fun.

16. Ragnar - Vikings

Ragnar - Vikings
As a Viking, Ragnar's entire life reeks of adventure. Sometimes it's fun, but many times it's not. A Viking's life can be very dangerous as he travels near and far, to places known and unknown.

17. MacGyver - MacGyver

MacGyver - MacGyver
MacGyver lives and breathes for adventure. He's a brainiac who can get himself out of any sticky situation and the stickier it is the more thrill it gives him!

18. The Doctor - Doctor Who

The Doctor - Doctor Who
He's an alien who travels through time and space. Of course, there's going to be an adventure wherever he goes. The Doctor always finds himself in a predicament, and he always gets himself out of it. If he didn't, what fun would that be?

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