Gossip Girl in 2017: 10 Things That Would Be Different If GG Aired Now

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It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since The CW introduced us to Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck, Dan and all of their respective (and sometimes intertwined) families. And a lot has changed.

When the drama premiered on Sept. 19, 2007, Twitter was barely a thing and Instagram was still years away (THE HORROR!). The most popular cellphone was an a blackberry or an EnV. People used “T9 word” to text as fast as they could and the concept of a blog was still an original idea. 

So what would our beloved GG be like if it premiered in today’s world? Check out the list below and add your own theories in the comments. XOXO! 

1. Fashion Trends

Fashion Trends

One of Blair’s most memorable pieces of fashion advice was “tights are not pants.” However, in 2017 when people wear leggings daily (except for the days they don’t even bother to wear pants!), she might have had a change of tune.

Speaking of Queen B, would her iconic headbands still be a thing in 2017? Or would her minions wear chokers as a sign of power? As for the Constance Billard uniforms, I could see Serena and Blair rocking bomber jackets instead of blazers with their school logo.

2. Dating Apps

Dating Apps

Chuck Bass would LOVE Tinder. And Bumble. And Coffee Meets Bagel. And maybe even Grindr? If this many dating apps existed in 2007, Blair may have never gotten Chuck to settle down. He could also retire his little black book and expect even more women to show up at his “lost weekend.”

The ladies could also benefit from dating apps. Remember when Serena’s friends had to post on Gossip Girl to find her a date to the masked ball? Or when Jenny dated Asher, who was secretly gay, just to have a boyfriend? Dating apps would definitely have changed the game on the UES.

3. Social Media: Snapchat

Social Media: Snapchat

There are so many ways social media could change Gossip Girl. First of all, the anonymous blogger’s job would be even easier if she could just track everyone’s location on Snap Maps instead of waiting for pictures from sources like "Melanie91."

Plus, Serena’s mystery boarding school location would be solved in a snap… see what I did there? And the Met Steps would totally have a geotag.

4. Social Media: Instagram

Social Media: Instagram

Jenny would still be a fashion designer if the show aired today, but she would sell her clothes on Instagram with Bachelor contestants and “social media influencers” modeling for her. And once she hit it big, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid would take over and she would finally be the it-girl she always wanted to be.

Also, Rufus and his waffles would definitely have a food Insta. #RufusEats #BrooklynEats #Waffles #WafflesForLife

5. The iPhone

The iPhone

Gossip Girl’s deal with LG would definitely switch to Apple if the show aired today because there’s no way Manhattan’s elite wouldn’t be carrying around iPhones. And you know Blair, Serena, Chuck and Nate would all have preordered the iPhone X, while Dan and Jenny would be rocking an iPhone 5 for the majority of the series.

There is also a possibility Gossip Girl blasts would just be tweets or Instagram stories with links to the full site if everyone had an iPhone (or if the cast just had smartphones to begin with!)

6. Uber

Chuck Bass and his limo go together like Serena van der Woodsen and her low-cut tops, but if the show was on in 2017, his limo might just be an Uber Black Car. And imagine how funny it could be to put Blair in an accidental UberPool with tourists or “regular people.”

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