Gotham Season 2: What We Learned at Comic-Con

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Ready for the rise of the villains?

While Gotham Season 1 brought a young James Gordon into focus, producer Bruno Heller said at the show's Comic-Con panel in San Diego that Season 2 will bring his adversaries into much sharper focus.

What else can fans expect when this Fox drama returns on Monday, September 21? Let's find out, shall we?

1. Villains Rising

Villains Rising
"This season, it’s the rise of the villains," Heller teased, while fellow producer Danny Cannon said new episodes will hone in on "what Gotham can give birth to when people start to feel power within themselves and don’t feel the urge to answer to morality."

2. Penguin in Charge

Penguin in Charge
"He’s prepared to fight to stay [in charge of the underground]," said actor Robin Lord Taylor. "But it’s never a smooth ride with Oswald!"

3. Help is on the Way!

Help is on the Way!
"As the villains rise, there’s an arms race, and the good guys have to increase their force as well," previews star Benjamin McKenzie. "There’ll be new heroes introduced."

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Lee: Miss what?
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