Grey's Anatomy Season 11: Best Kiss, Worst Death & More!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 brought us the most horrible, shocking death yet, but it also offered a lot of great moments.

Much of the season returned to its core, allowing us to see Meredith deal with new struggles and shine as a surgeon.

Read on for the best episode, biggest shock, most romantic moment, and more.

1. Best Episode

Best Episode
On Season 11 Episode 14, titled "The Distance," it's finally time for Amelia to take on the impossible in this episode and try to remove Dr. Herman's tumor. It not only offered an opportunity for all of the other surgeons to come together as they gathered to watch, but it also let Amelia shine as a mentor. The surgery places Amelia very obviously in the shoes of Derek, as she stands there with the clock ticking, trying to decide where to start. Even Richard says he's seen Derek in exactly that position before.

2. Episode That Made Us Want to Punch the Television Set

Episode That Made Us Want to Punch the Television Set
Season 11 Episode 22, the episode that followed the death of Derek, was an utter disappointment. At least if we were going to lose such a key character, more time should have been spent on the way each character dealt with it. The massive time jump was too much, and there were too many missed opportunities.

3. Best Kiss

Best Kiss
Amelia shows up to visit Owen, but finds herself embarrassed and starts to walk away. He stops her and says, "I'm going to kiss you now, so don't say anything," before they have the most memorable kiss of the season. #Omelia for the win!

4. Most Underutilized Character

Most Underutilized Character
Alex Karev. While it was nice to see Alex's character continue to evolve as the guy who supports his friends and actually gives some pretty decent advice, we simply didn't get enough of him this season. And by extension, we didn't get a chance to see more of his relationship with Jo, either.

5. Worst New Character

Worst New Character
Maggie has potential, but she hasn't won us over yet. It's hard enough to handle the fact that Meredith has another new-found sister she never knew about, but she's also not a character we're ready to love.

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Grey's Anatomy Quotes

Maggie: Honesty and privacy are not mutually exclusive. 
Amelia: Ohh, I like that!

Maggie: He just walked out of the fog with a new girlfriend, like I never existed. I think I might actually hate him.
Zola: My teacher said hating someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. 
Maggie: Go get ready for school.